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‘One Piece Film Red’ (2022) Review: Uta, sing something to yourself

After a brilliant run in Japanese theaters (which still, after more than 2 months, is not over) the new film of the most successful manganim in history finally arrives in Spain: One Piece Film Red.

It is usually quite a complicated task to create these kinds of filmsbelonging to series so long, and still in development, where you also can not apply flourishes to the narrative or fit into the universe of the original work as more recent films like Guardians of the Night: Infinity Train or Jujutsu Kaisen 0where they are arcs, or prequels, of the original manga that, instead of being adapted to the series itself, make the jump to the big screen.

To focus more specifically on the case of One Piece Film Redthe tape must be located at a specific point in the most current timeline of One Piece, a little before the arc that we are reading today on the sleeve so that we understand each other. Then, the strategy they are following in these last films of the series is that it has minimal canon elements, even with certain chapters of the anime or small special vignettes in the sleeve that will be used as impetus and promotion. When I mean minimal elements, it is quite literal, some character will appear, usually the evil one, who will also exist in the universe of the sleeve, but never a single mention will be made in the original work to the events that occurred a One Piece Film Red or any other license tape.

One Piece Film Red 01

Taking all this into account, it is not unusual for these types of productions to have an aura of filler (term quite used in the world of anime, especially with this type of works) quite important. This should not be a problem per se in the quality of the film, being canon or filler is not a requirement to make a good film, but, being so closely tied in terms of the original product, added to a certain vagrancy when it comes to writing scripts for these productions, it usually leaves us with quite mediocre works in general. Is One Piece Film Red such a work? Well, a little yes, but not really.

I explain, the film fails to shake off this aura of filler for a single minuteas a fan of the work you know that everything you go to see will have no significance a One Piece, despite subtitling the film one of the most important characters in the series. However, the script, without being anything otherworldly, he knows how to stay away from the level of mediocrity of the vast majority of films he has had One Piece. All the already known characters that appear in the work are well integrated and their appearance is believable in the context that develops there. The new characters are well written, especially Utawho really plays the role of protagonist, villain and victim of One Piece Film Red. It is easy to empathize with the character and his development, as well as motivations, are quite consistent, which seems that this is not a very complex thing to do, but in this type of productions it is quite a sin that the new characters are usually written regularly and be a simple excuse to give yourself some wafers loaded with fanservice.

Moving away from the script and focusing on the animation. They opt for a type of animation that seems to be becoming more and more standardized in the Japanese market, where a 2D base animation for the characters and settings coexists with another 3D one for certain effects or that takes center stage in some scenes and we see how it jumps from a 2D to a 3D in the different elements of the scene with an enviable fluidity and cohesion.

It is true that in this area maybe we lose the exaggerated dynamism that the last season of the anime is havingwe are dealing with different styles after all and it is something that is noticeable even in the color palette or the strokes of the characters, but this reduction of dynamism is something that in an action shonen can have a negative impact, and here it does. We won’t really have any memorable fightsand may even sin of a final confrontation that is too long for the development it has.

One Piece Film Red 02

However, the most remarkable of One Piece Film Red it’s not his competent script (possibly the best in a film by One Piece) nor a more than decent animation, it is his bravery in turning one of the greatest fighting shonen in history into a musical, loaded with scenes in the purest video clip style. Because yes, One Piece Film Red it’s more of a musical than an action or adventure filmand he makes it fit into his narrative quite well.

Obviously, this won’t be to everyone’s taste because it’s not something you expect when you watch a movie from One Piecethat’s why his bravery, and if above they are integrated into his narrative in such a great way and they are undoubtedly the scenes with the most imaginative animation in the entire filmso even better.

concluding, One Piece Film Red it won’t be the best tape of One Piece (this merit still belongs to One Piece Film Z) but that does not mean that it is of the best feature films that Luffy and company have given, with a fairly compact script that has something to say and knows how to develop it without getting dizzy with cheap fanservice (possibly the film where the Mugis are on screen the least time), an animation on par with the series and certain ideas of a bravery atypical to this type double. That doesn’t mean you have your faults, by focusing its focus on developing a coherent story it loses a lot of epicness and leaves us with some pretty mediocre fights, are almost left over from the proposal, and which can even make it feel like they last longer than they should. This possibly makes it the tape of One Piece more recommended for those who have not seen anything from manganimit is still quite dependent on the series, but its story is closed and is born and dies in this film, being able to enjoy it, especially if we empathize with Uta.

oh by the way if you’re expecting to see a lot of Shanks’ character and reveal things about him maybe you need to lower your expectations a bit. He’ll have his good moments and his relationship with Uta is pretty good, but it doesn’t come out much and they won’t reveal much that he hasn’t already done up his sleeve (except for one detail).

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