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On Twelfth Day… Watch out for the toys!

Among the smallest, toys will always be the protagonists of Kings Day. Which are the safest? How can we always get it right? These are the warnings of the Organization of Consumers and Users.

Catalogs, ads, endless lists…The arrival of the Kings Magi it is eagerly awaited in the eyes of the little ones who, in advance, specify exactly which toys they want.

The Consumers and Users Organization (OCU) is aware of the dangers that toys can pose. And it is that, according to the data of European Rapid Alert System (RAPEX)of the 2,142 non-food alerts received in 2021 in the European Union, around 20% were toys.

Mostly because of the presence of dangerous chemical substances, but in many cases also because of small pieces that can come off and cause choking with a risk of suffocation in children.

Pay attention to the recommendations…

The Consumers and Users organization provides a series of tips so that toys are safe this Christmas:

  1. That corresponds with the age of the childsince it will have some characteristics or others.
  2. That includes safety warnings i other information: before buying a toy, check that it includes the safety warnings in Spanish and is also marked with the initials “CE”, specify the address of the manufacturer or importer and a reference number. But, one way or another, the safest thing will always be the supervision of an adult.
  3. If there are children under the age of three with older siblings in the household… The latter’s toys must be kept away from the little ones, especially if they have small parts.
  4. Hard toys with protruding parts can also injure a small child. Therefore, before purchasing them you need to check the edges and edges. If the toy is fragile, be careful, because once broken it can have sharp points.
  5. If the toy has batteries… Check that the compartment is difficult to open. If it is rechargeable, read the safety instructions. I if it wears ribbons or lacesmake sure they are not too long, they could cause suffocation if they get wrapped around the neck.
  6. Avoid giving the toy other uses other than those for which it is designed. For example, colored silicone “pop it” should not be used as kitchen molds for food, as they could generate toxicity problems.
  7. “Techno-toys” have dangers for the safety and privacy of our children: anyone could “hack them
  8. If they are skates, skateboards, bicycles… that comes with the complete kit. That is, with the safety equipment (knee pads, elbow pads, helmet) included.
  9. If you give away a costume, make sure it meets the guarantees. A recent OCU study reveals that this is not always the case.
  10. Several studies have shown that children’s products are sold that include toxic substances like phthalates: be careful, because they are taken in the mouth.
King toys

How to get these Kings right with the toys

Before you go shopping for toys, in addition to looking for the most suitable ones for the child for his age and tastes, keep in mind that:

  • Previous price studies carried out by OCU show that it does not pay to make a pilgrimage all over the city looking to save on toys, in general, the differences do not exceed 5%.
  • one convenient alternative and practice can be to resort to the online shopping: do it in time, to ensure that the gifts arrive on time.
  • Every year, the fashion toysthe most advertised on TV, are the ones that shoot up their price, but there are classic, timeless options that can have more stable prices throughout the year: try to combine them as much as possible and you will achieve that the Magi do not get ruined
  • It is likely that you need to make room in the house for the new “tenants” in the children’s rooms. It’s a good idea give or exchange toys that they no longer use, as long as they are in good condition.
  • Remember, kids love toys, but what they love most is have a someone to play with adults to spend time with them or other children to share the experience with. The best of toys, by itself, will not make a child happy.
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