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New year, new opportunity for sustainable food

Let’s start 2023 remembering everything learned! In the new episode of the podcast “A gust amb la Terra” we collect all the advice of the year to achieve a sustainable diet

A few days to start the new year, after parties, endless table tops, gifts i family time it’s time to put into practice the lessons learned and make our food a little sustainable with the environment.

Because week by week, Noelia López, Nestlé nutritionist, has accompanied us on this path towards the ecological in order to gain a greater awareness of how to take care of the planet and ourselves from what we eat. Because all our decisions, no matter how small, affect our environment.

We collect the key points of 2022, to face the new year with new sustainable purposes.

And it is to have the necessary tools to take informed and respectful decisions with the planet can make a big difference.

“It is the first step to make a change to a sustainable diet, where the key is that it is sufficient and safe for present and future generations”, points out the expert.

The four keys to sustainability

As the nutritionist explains, the basis of a sustainable diet is divided into these four ideas:

  • No to waste. Producing food is what has the most weight when we talk about food sustainability. In this sense, waste is the biggest protagonist. Did you know that a third of what is produced is thrown away? And what is wasted more at home than at supermarkets or restaurants?
    • That is why one of the most recurring themes has been that of take advantage everything: stems, skins, leaves…
  • Not without animal protein. You don’t have to be vegetarian or vegan to be more sustainable: increase the vegetable protein it’s a big step. The flexitarianism it is a practice with more prominence in recent years with a positive impact on the environment.
    • Nutritional aspects for vegetarians and vegans: we can’t forget ourselves
  • Yes to the consumption of local and seasonal products. Let’s not forget to include in our diet a greater number of local and seasonal products. Because not only do we avoid some of the transport gases, but they are also at their best nutritionally and organoleptically.
  • Yes to planning. The planning it is a basic concept for a more sensible and thought-out purchase, which is also varied in food and cooking.
    • time: concepts like the batch cooking they are crucial.
    • Money: By planning, reduce your weekly spending so you know what you’re going to buy and don’t deviate from it.
    • energy: Less time also means less energy expenditure, let’s not forget that.
EFE/Francesc Guasco

This new year, choose the sustainable

But if there is one idea that can bring everything together, it is to leave aside the belief that a small change is not enough to reverse the problem. This is what Nestlé’s specialist says.

“Nothing has more strength than the sum of small individual changes”, affirms Noelia López.

So let’s sustainable purposes for 2023. Let’s put into practice this new year everything learned in the past!

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