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New variants of popular games

With the evolution of habits, but also of technologies, the safe values ​​of the past are no longer really or systematically those of the moment. In the world of entertainment, there have been a lot of changes lately and whether it’s video games, card games or simply other activities, players have been adopting new habits.

This is how some variants of popular games continue to monopolize the first places of various rankings, but also, becoming more and more popular among those who discover these same activities.

Between card games and video games, what new variants are on the rise?

role playing games

Among friends or family, board games are known with great pleasure, a renaissance within the different adopted hobbies. More than this general category, however, it is role-playing games that find a place of choice in habits. This very precise variant generally offers an alternation between optimal concentration and widespread laughter!

It is a certain version of board games that is on the rise

Therefore, they represent a real alternative to certain traditional and monotonous games, while allowing each person to be 100% involved. Among the most popular of recent times, we find in particular Werewolf, a game where even the narrator can have fun in his way of explaining things and bringing the story to which the wolves will try to exhort each other others- Weres, villagers and other endearing characters. .

on the web, the same principle was a revolution with the game and the application, Between us. Popularized by some streamers, this game is a digital variant of the same meaning as Werewolf and attracts thousands of players online every day. A simplistic principle that, however, is a great recipe.

The new variants of poker

If online poker has undergone a great evolution in recent years, it is also thanks to the variants offered to players. The latter are by no means new to this universe, but have nevertheless experienced a new impetus logically linked to the return to the forefront of this card game.

Therefore, Texas Holdem is still very popular, but other versions, such as what may be the Omaha version on a platform like PokerStars, are also explanations for the recent global increase in this activity.

Thus, poker demonstrates its ability to adapt to many demands and its role as the number one online gaming activity in 2022. Versatility and a recipe that lasts!

The Battle Royale mode in the video game industry

What really made this “battle royale” game mode popular? It is the literary and cinematographic series The Hunger Games or, simply, the evolution of the habits of FPS-type games (first person shooter)?

Even so, nowadays every blockbuster video game on an international scale almost has to offer a battle royale mode. to continue to stay online charming the majority of players, especially interested in this principle of the game.

Still so popular

But what exactly is it? In a Battle Royale, the idea is simple and identical whether you are alone or with several in a team. In an open world, you simply have to stay alive as long as possible to be the last one to win the game.

The advantage of a battle royale, and the argument that weighs in the balance when players try to express their love for it, is undoubtedly the idea that all players are tied at the start of the game. Later and depending on your progress and actions during the game, things change, but the principle remains systematically the same.

A popular idea about games proposing the same principle, but different universeslike Warzone, Fortnite or even Apex Legends.

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