Netflix’s new advertising plan will have fewer movies and series –

The streaming giant is testing new tools to compete against its rivals, especially heavyweights like Disney Plus y HBO Max, which are growing exponentially in subscribers worldwide. Meanwhile, in several countries the subscription price will rise for when a user’s account is shared in a house other than the one they have registered, it will also launch a cheaper option: the new plan with Netflix advertising, which will be less costs, but… will have fewer movies and series to watch.

As reported by the specialized portal Limit date, Netflix executive co-director Ted Sarandos confirmed that this new plan with Netflix advertising will not have all of the platform’s licensed content. This is because, according to him, this requires new agreements with the studies, something that can take time or never happen.

Of course, all of Netflix’s original movies and series will be available in this new plan. However, those who subscribe to the plan with advertising may not be able to see everything that is currently available on Netflix. Still, Sarandos says the “vast majority” of the content will be available on the plan with advertising at launch.

Today, the vast majority of people who come to Netflix, we can include the level of advertising. There are some things that don’t work and we’re in talks with the studios, but if we launch the product today, members at the ad level would have a great experience. We’ll clear some of the additional content, but certainly not all, but don’t think it’s a material hurdle for the business.

How is the new Netflix advertising plan?

After several rumors, Netflix is ​​partnering with Microsoft to launch a cheaper ad-backed subscription plan.

Details of this deal are unclear at this time, but Microsoft says it will help Netflix with “technology and sales.” All ads that show users will be based on the Microsoft platform, and the company claims that it will protect customer information.

Of course, this comes at a time when Netflix is ​​losing users around the world. Earlier this year, the platform raised the subscription prices of its aircraft, which reached $ 19.99 for the United States. To get an idea, if we add Apple TV Plus, Disney Plus and Hulu (available in the US), they count less the value of Netflix.

Netflix blamed users who share their account passwords with friends and family for the decline in subscriber numbers. According to the company, more than 100 million people use Netflix without paying a subscription. The company is now implementing a feature in Latin America that charges users who share their Netflix password with others.

Netflix’s new advertising plan will be in place sometime in late 2022 and early 2023.

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