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Netflix inaugurates the second phase of the production center in Madrid

Netflix production center

Netflix inaugurated today the second phase of the production center in a multitudinous event and demonstrated its commitment to Spanish entertainment.

Netflix organized a presentation event today at its Tres Cantos production center, where we were able to visit the different sets currently in production – ‘Elite’, ‘Kaos’ and ‘La societat de la neu’ – and the new facilities. In the presentation, has announced the doubling of the number of sets -from 5 to 10 with a multi-purpose space of more than 22,000 m² that includes production offices, make-up areas, hairdressing and dressing rooms, etc. and the incorporation of new state-of-the-art post-production facilities, pioneering in Spain. This Netflix production center, which has hosted outstanding projects such as ‘La casa de paper’, ‘Elite’, ‘The longest night’, ‘Valeria’, ‘We were songs’ or ‘Criminal’, has the first remote editing system in Spainwith 30 new rooms that will make it easier for technical professionals to work on projects from anywhere in Spain or Europe, and Netflix’s first cloud-based post-production lab globally.

Since the arrival of the platform in Spain in 2016 and after the subsequent opening of the production center in 2019, more than 10,000 professionals have worked on the productions, promoted in all the autonomous communities, of the big red. Netflix has also consolidated its commitment to entertainment and the audiovisual sector in Spain, since the inauguration of the expansion of the production center is home to the most extensive shooting surface of Netflix in the European Union.

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Commitment to Spain

Netflix presentation set

«We are convinced of the strengths and opportunities that Spain offers as an audiovisual production and post-production center in Europe and the world. This headquarters is positioned as a meeting point for local and global talent. The innovation of these facilities will allow professionals to focus on the creative excellence of their projects so that we entertainment lovers can continue to enjoy the best stories” explained Maria Ferreras, Global Head of Partnership and Business Development on Netflix.

“In addition to the facilities in Tres Cantos, the investment in Netflix productions extends throughout the Spanish geography. The company, which has already filmed in all the autonomous communities with the help of more than 40 local producers (mostly SMEs), has premiered numerous titles made in Spain since its arrival, generating more than 10,000 jobs for distribution and technical teams. We continue to bring our subscribers a wide variety of series and movies made in Spain, including more than 30 titles in 2022like ‘Welcome to Eden’, ‘Mother’s Love’, ‘Through my Window’ or ‘Holy Family'”, added Mary-Kathryn Kennedy, Vice President of Netflix Production in Europe.

«It is a matter of pride to continue to demonstrate our commitment to Spanish fiction. From Netflix, we will continue to work to comprehensively promote the sustainable development of Spanish audiovisual, in all its diversity”, concluded Verónica Fernández, Director of Fiction at Netflix in Spain.

The presentation also had the presence and a short speech of the Minister of Culture and Sport, Miquel Iceta, i the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructures, Maria González Veracruz.

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New stories made in Spain

Netflix production center
Oriol Paulo, Àlex Pastor, Àlex Pina, David Pastor, Esther Martínez Lobato, Carlos Montero, Laura Sarmiento and Núria Valls

Netflix has also released new details about several fictional titles, in various stages of production, that will see the light of day on the service in the future. In its commitment to the diversity of stories and formats, Netflix has counted on this inauguration with some of its creators, who have given details of the upcoming productions.

Oriol Paulodirector and creator of ‘The Innocent’ or ‘The Crooked Lines of God’, ha announced that he is working on a new project for Netflix that will be a thriller, a genre that, he says, “is a wonderful excuse to explain the human condition and challenge the viewer”. Paulo also wanted to emphasize the importance that all collaborations with the company have been based on a commitment “to creative freedom and respect for the figure of the creator”.

Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato revealed the first sketches of the atomic shelter in which their new series ‘Berlin’ will take place: «During the pandemic, we are inspired by the proliferation of bunkers around the world. Let’s imagine an underground urbanization where the focus of attention, instead of the apocalypse, was on those who lived in this space. The big question that this project addresses is: does life continue even when the world ends? Regarding the ‘Paper House’ spin-off they are currently producing, Esther added: “Developing ‘Berlin’ is a responsibility. Above all because it starts from a connection that already exists with the viewers and, as creators, we want to continue deepening this emotion».

Carlos Montero, creator of ‘Elite’, ‘The mess you leave’ and ‘All the times we fall in love’, has expressed: “Creators always dream big, so when you create a series you want to reach the world. Achieving it before was very difficult, though when you work for a company like Netflix, which reaches five continents, you have a wonderful vehicle“.

In relation to the impact of titles on the service, Laura Sarmentcreator of ‘Intimidad’ and ‘El cuerpo en llamas’, added: “Netflix is ​​a huge amplifier that carries our stories and moral and personal concerns as storytellers, in more than 190 countries. As creators, we promote models and debates and this is an absolute privilege».

On the other hand, brothers Alex and David Pastordirectors of the ‘Bird Box’ spin-off, too have advanced that this new title “will be a great global story, in which every part of the world will contribute its part to the story. Thanks to Netflix, the possibility of being able to tell these kinds of stories is easier». Also, speaking of the production center at Tres Cantos, the Pastor brothers have emphasized the infinite possibilities it offers to “tell very big and ambitious stories, in which the only brake that can be there is the desire of the creator himself”.

Núria Vallsproducer of ‘A través del mar’ and ‘A través de la meva window’, has spoken about the links that have been established with fans of this phenomenon: “At all times we have felt very supported by the fans, who have been affectionate and attentive to the smallest detail, while we witnessed how the phenomenon also grew in Spain, and how the book and the film fed back on each other” .

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