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cleaning material

Cleaning is usually a matter of great care in companies or offices, and even more so if the office is open to the public. Not surprisingly, the clean image accompanies the reputation of our commercial brand, in addition to generating a good working environment, which results in more content, committed and efficient workers. Therefore, it is essential to know how the cleaning material for offices and companies is needed.

Whether you’ve hired a cleaning company or not, we recommend a number of office cleaning products and supplies that you should at least consider. The following list is not exhaustive, and may depend on the type of company (a mechanical workshop is not the same as an office), as well as the square meters to be maintained.

Floor and pavement cleaning

  • Chemical products. A quality product must be used, and in the case of delicate surfaces, such as wood or marble, you must use specific products. Usually one Floor scrubbers with neutral PH it is usually sufficient for any surface, but if we are dealing with surfaces with more juices or some bacterial contamination (for example, conditions and public bathrooms), a chlorinated cleaner should be used.
  • Cleaning tools. Brushes, brooms and/or mops will be needed, and depending on the surface to be cleaned, a mop or an industrial Kentucky mop can be used. If the surface has many obstacles, such as tables, furniture, etc., it is recommended to use a cotton mop, if the surface is large and clear (large surfaces, waiting rooms…) it is more efficient to use an industrial mop with clamp that will need a special cube with a press.

Cleaning of glass and glazed surfaces

  • If the office has crystals, escapes, etc., a crystal cleaner together with a telescoping pole is usually needed to reach high areas. It is optional to have a glass cube with a crystal wetter.

Cleaning accessories

  • The most commonly used cleaning material for offices will be garbage bags, which must be chosen well and be of good quality well they must hold the weight well without breaking. Usually in offices self-sealing bags are used for small bins in individual places and community bags for common areas.
  • If the office is wide, we recommend using a cleaning cart, where all the material will be transported thus facilitating the worker’s work.
  • It is necessary to sign “suelo mojado” for advertising to workers or visitors and thus avoiding accidents.
  • For some accidental stains, such as coffee spills or the like, it is necessary to have some cleaning cloths and paper towels to be able to immediately clean all the stained office furniture.

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Paper and cellulose

  • Toilet paper will be necessary in conditions and bathrooms, as well as in the food industry for drying and cleaning hands. We recommend that it is made of 100% cellulose as recycled ones usually have less performanceplus it leaves a mark and breaks easily.

Multi-surface cleaning

In any case, a professional Clim Professional technician will be able to advise each particular case and offer one personalized budget.

If you already know the cleaning materials you need for your company or office, just go to our website and add them to the basket. Look, check the active discounts to add them to your cart if applicable! Receive the order in 24/48h at the address you tell us. That easy!

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