My opinion about Société Générale

I guess you already know Société Générale, it’s a major player in the banking industry in France. The bank has more than 11 million customers and offices throughout France.

Youth offers

If you are between 18 and 24 years old, they will often tell you that you are the future. Société Générale has made a slogan ” You are the future ”. If you’re old enough, open an online account soberand you will receive € 80 with a bank card VISA and access to Stimulus. It can be interesting, right? Receiving € 80 is always a win and the offer is only valid for a short period.

This bank offer includes a bank account, a visa card, an application, access to advisors and offices. You can also take advantage of contactless payment, worldwide withdrawals, and free card replacement in the event of loss or theft.

Take advantage of the opening offer!


What is Sobrio? This is a bank offer de Société Générale: cheaper, without compromising on exclusive and innovative services. The bank offers this formula with the aim of digitizing its service and being able to compete with online banks.

This is a paid offer (0 € for 1 year or 3 € / month) that will allow you to have a series of free and / or less expensive services.


If you subscribe to this bank offer, you will be able to access Boost for 1 year. What is “Boost”? These are various services (except banking) that are very useful. The main purpose of these services is to prepare you for active life and to inform you about different topics.

These are the types of benefits that the service can offer you:

  • To learn a new language,
  • Improve your French
  • Create your resume
  • Review the code
  • Find a job
  • Looking for an apartment
  • Find out what financial aid you are entitled to
  • etc…


If you belong to this age group and are looking for your first bank, I think Société Générale can be a great option. The bank has a good reputation, offers more than online banking and this pack is organized for young people your age.

Don’t hesitate any longer and take advantage of the offer to open an account and receive € 80!

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