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Most frequent cardiovascular diseases – Health Blog

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the world. More than 17 million people die each year from heart disease and it is estimated that by 2030, around 23 million will lose their lives to this cause. Specifically in Spain, 250 people die every day from heart disease.

Doctor Alfonso Valle, head of the Cardiology Service of the Ribera health group at the Dénia Hospital, explains that the most common cardiovascular diseases are ischemic cardiopathy, that is, heart attacks, angina pectoris or problems for which the patient needs revascularization, for example when placing a stent; the heart failure, the second most frequent (1 in 5), which causes fatigue in patients who make an effort or a sporting activity; and the atrial fibrillationa type of arrhythmia that affects around 3% of the population and which, he adds, is associated with another serious pathology, such as the risk of having a stroke.

An arrhythmia is the pathology of the protagonist of the new heart health campaign launched by the Ribera health group, Ritmos de Vida. This irregularity in the beats of his heart marks the swaying of the first arrhythmic metronome in History, manufactured by Ribera, and which will be exhibited in the main hospitals of the group. In addition, this metronome has served as inspiration for Adrián himself and other musicians to improvise with their instruments following this peculiar rhythm.

“With the heart, improvisation is not worth it,” the campaign assures. And that is why the professionals of the Heart Area of ​​the Ribera group, who have supervised this project, have also collaborated in the development of health advice for heart care and videos to help cut the factors of predominant risk in cardiovascular diseases.

You can see the campaign video here.

See the full campaign here.

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