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Moderation is key: how to live a balanced lifestyle

The first thing to understand when trying to learn how to live a balanced lifestyle is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, so forget about rules and trends. The area in our lives where we hear that “moderation is key” often refers to our diet.

Of course, it’s important not to overindulge because too much of anything is never good for you. However, more and more companies, like Boop Bakery, are creating treats that everyone can enjoy guilt-free.

This is really the key to living a balanced life: keep things special by enjoying them in healthier, more manageable doses.

Healthy indulgence

At some point in our lives, we end up finishing an entire container of cookies by ourselves. While there’s nothing wrong with the occasional indulgence, it’s important to realize that overindulging, especially on food, is not a healthy habit to enjoy. On the other hand, you can replace your traditional cookie with a healthy alternative. Today, packaged cookies are full of artificial preservatives and unhealthy fats. And let’s face it; few of us will be measuring flour to bake them from scratch at home.

What if you could have the best of both worlds? With brands like Boop Bakery, there are healthy cookies with zero gluten, soy, or GMO that you can eat anytime without using much moderation and without feeling guilty. Sometimes a balanced lifestyle means having certain areas of our lives that we can devote ourselves to without harming our physical or mental health. Leaving healthy cookie-making to the experts is a great way to balance your lifestyle. You’ve made the effort to buy a healthy cookie, and they make it easy to enjoy.

Work-life balance

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic popularized the phrase “work-life balance,” most professionals wrestled with this delicate circus act on a daily basis. Being a parent who works to support a family is a perfect example of the struggle to achieve a healthy work-life balance in day-to-day interactions. When you have an important meeting at work, but your child has an extracurricular activity at school, what should you do?

Fortunately, some employers and companies have adjusted and are now more open to working in moderation. Many allowed remote work during the quarantine and saw that their employees could still be productive. In fact, in many cases, small businesses took off with this type of work model. However, no doubt as soon as there was an easing of the COVID protocols, some employers insisted that their employees return to the office. It’s an old tradition that some companies will undoubtedly need more time to adapt to.

In the meantime, you don’t necessarily have to wait for your company to change its procedures; you can look for remote work or take the time to go back to school and change careers if you feel like it. It’s still rewarding to be successful in your profession, and it doesn’t make you a bad parent to have the occasional schedule conflict. Family time and your children will always be your priority, but setting an example and achieving success in your work is a great role model for your children to emulate later on as well. By showing them your ability to have balance in life, they will seek it out for themselves as well.


You will not get far in your desire to live a lifestyle of moderation if your behavior is unbalanced; this is especially true in a professional setting. While employees are often encouraged and protected to be themselves, this must be done with awareness. While it’s great to be upbeat and positive at work, you don’t want to overdo it. You also don’t want to always be the one who offers to work on holidays (nor do you want to be the one who always takes the vacation before anyone else can).

All these balanced behaviors can also benefit you in your relationships with partners and children. As a parent, you don’t always want to be the one to dole out the punishment, nor do you want to be the parent who never scolds the child. Being aware of the balance of one’s own behaviors and actions in social and professional situations helps a lot to achieve moderation.


There have been several tried and tested methods to eliminate excessive technology use after work and school hours are over. Most parents set usage limits or monitor their child’s usage. Another great idea is to put all your electronic devices in a box and sit down to a family meal at the table. The television and music should be turned off to encourage conversation. You’ll be surprised at the conversations you miss with your family and friends once you find a healthy balance with your technology.


There’s no secret rule about moderation in life, and it’s not necessarily easy to achieve. The good news, though, is that every day is a new opportunity to try again. Whether it’s introducing better foods into your life through healthy cookies from places like Boop Bakery or ditching technology to embrace your relationships, we can all find ways to live a more balanced lifestyle.

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