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Mobile Marketing: All the Tools Available


Mobile marketing is a discipline that has grown rapidly in recent years and has proven to be very effective. This communication strategy consists of reaching the customer through his mobile phone and optimizing the relationship with him in real time. Marketers have found in the smartphone a powerful ally capable of providing exceptional accuracy in ad targeting and a very high message open rate.

What tools to use?

To implement an effective mobile marketing strategy, you need to be familiar with the different tools available. Mobile technologies offer several possibilities for communicating with customers and prospects:

  • applications,
  • sms,
  • push notifications,
  • Social Networks,
  • mobile versions of websites,
  • instant messaging
  • and emails.

The use of mobile data, such as geolocation, makes it possible to very precisely target people who may be interested in your actions and products.

Mobile Marketing All the tools available

With the advent of smartphones and the development of mobile networks, marketing is becoming more and more accessible. The health crisis has played an important role in the rise of mobile marketing, as it has favored the digitization of companies and commercial activities to adapt to new requirements.

The use of mobile technologies allows companies to offer a wide range of commercial actions: information about special offers and promotions, announcements of new products, communication about the opening hours of stores and shopping centers, delivery notifications of orders or other changes. Services.

Advantages and limitations of mobile marketing

While traditional marketing relies on indirect approaches to communicate with an extended audience or target, mobile marketing allows for a closer relationship with the consumer and extends more widely across all populations.

Thus, companies can benefit from a better presence with their current or potential customers. However, mobile marketing is not without its limits, and a consumer may not respond to this type of communication or reject certain forms of advertising, such as pop-ups.

Mobile marketing is more than a promotional tool. Content is essential and must be in line with consumer expectations to create real interaction and real engagement. To do this, some rules must be respected: opt for short and powerful messages, inform about the advantages rather than about the characteristics of a product or service, identify your target very precisely, personalize your offer according to the ‘user and propose varied contents.

Images, videos and podcasts are also very effective ways to stand out. Finally, mobile marketing isn’t just for big businesses. SMEs and small structures can also benefit from the advantages of mobile marketing.

Impact of the pandemic on mobile marketing

The Covid-19 pandemic has boosted the use of mobile technologies in businesses, and mobile marketing is becoming increasingly important in the commercial sector. Indeed, even if physical commerce is restricted or prohibited, mobile data can be used to communicate about special offers and other promotions, opening hours, streaming broadcasts and any other useful information to enable businesses to maintain -get in touch with your customers.

It should be noted, however, that the pandemic has had a negative impact on certain sectors such as restaurants, which have had to rethink their communication strategy.

Mobile marketing offers large and small businesses the opportunity to assert themselves among the competition. It is important that brands offer varied and relevant content, but above all that they are able to offer key solutions for their target audience.

For example, they can use their social networks to highlight innovative projects or conduct studies to find more effective ways to reach the public. Companies must also rely on expertise, offering customers personalized, simple and fast solutions.

Finally, it is critical that brands use tracking tools to evaluate the effectiveness of their mobile marketing.


Mobile marketing is an effective tool that can help increase brand visibility and sales. To take advantage of this communication channel, all possible levers must be used: applications, SMS, push notifications, social networks, mobile versions of websites, instant messaging and emails.

But this is not all; Content is paramount and should be varied and engaging to get the best results. Companies can, for example, emphasize the customer experience, turn to more interactive communication or even invest in innovative solutions to stand out.

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