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November 24, 2021 – When we say something metaphorically, we are making a comparison between one thing and another, to better explain the latter or…

Make 4 days – metaphorically. 1. Warning Metaphorically. Real Academia Española © All rights reserved. Discover the new platform

The word has the metaphorical meaning of “in the way a word is translated from another” and derives from the suffix -mente (in the manner of) in…

metaphorically adv By metaphor, in a metaphorical sense: “There is only one formula to break the heart, metaphorically torn by passion…

The definition of metaphorically relating metaphorically, allegorically, symbolically or in a manner, [[:imaginario]]figurative, emblematic, …

November 1, 2019 – To speak metaphorically means to express oneself not in a literal sense, but by using the figure of metaphor to give it another meaning…

The metaphor (from the Latin metaphŏra, taken in turn from the Greek μεταφορα; properly “transference”, “displacement”; derived from metaphor “I transport”) is…

In the Spanish dictionary metafóricamente means metaphorically, by means of metaphor.

Etymology Edit. Metaphoric and the suffix -mente. Adverb of manner Edit. 1: Metaphorically speaking or referring to metaphor. TranslationsEdit.

metaphorically 1. En cierto modo… This is an extract. See complete definition in the RAE dictionary. Lexical signs: adverb ¿Qué son…

Translations in context of “metafóricamente” in Italian-Spanish from the Reverso Context: Hablando metaphoricamente, ja sabes, coz ella est astancando.

…universo y mundo metaphorically I will call it the universality of the metaphor. … but also, if all language is constituted metaphorically, …

by JCS Paz · Mentioned by 20 – In short, the metaphor manifests the creative power and the linguistic-communicative capacity of the speakers to express one situation in terms of another.

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