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Maverick is the best movie of 2022, or almost – Conocedores.com

Top Gun 2: Maverick hit theaters in late May with the return of Tom Cruise as a Maverick pilot three decades after the original 1986 film, directed by Joseph Kosinski. This is the story that catapulted Cruise to the world star, playing the daring and rebellious pilot of the United States Navy in that film directed by Tony Scott. The new film surpasses the previous one and has all the ingredients to be the best film of 2022 (or almost).

“Top Gun” is a true icon of pop culture of the eighties. In this new installment, which arrived thirty-six years after the original, Tom Cruise displays all his magnetism and charisma as an action hero, but in turn, as the film’s producer. he bet big on the mass return of the public to the cinema. .

Needless to say, we are facing the last great action hero. That his admirable dedication and deep love for cinema made him one of the most important emblems of the genre, which he defends with the most traditional tools of the seventh art, both from his role as actor and producer.

At almost 60 years old, he maintains his undisputed validity, not only with the saga of Mission Impossible, but also with this security of “Top Gun”, where his name again generates a phenomenon in itself. The actor is known not to use risk doubles and plays an active role in the production of his films, often above the director. This in “Maverick” is noticeable and much.

After more than three years of service, Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell (Tom Cruise) is preceded by a reputation. Maverick was one of the best aviators in the Navy, decorated with battle medals and mentions, and responsible for legendary feats. Of course, he was not expected to return to Top Gun Fighter Pilot Academy, where he is being required as a flight instructor to train a new generation of young fighter pilots, men and women.

There he meets Bradley ‘Rooster’ Bradshaw (Milles Teller), the son of Goose, his failed former partner. Thus, the new story will mix with new pilots with veterans, as it tries to adapt to new technologies and drone warfare. Thus, the official synopsis of Paramount Picturesalready presents the development that will be much more than these words.

Action, suspense, drama, romance and nostalgia

The air sequences, chases and skins have a remarkably distinct quality and stamp that is much clearer, more intense and dizzying than any CGI-generated production. And that’s where both the film and Cruise make a difference. Because, being a staunch supporter of the most traditional and practical special effects, before the creators by computer, is evident in each picture and we really find ourselves in front of a film superior to the original.

“Top Gun 2: Maverick”has all the ingredients to arouse nostalgia for the generations that were young in the eighties and today are the hosts of this great entertainment with all the current ingredients, but also with the traditional ones as a kind of resistance film of the its protagonist and producer.

But one of the big differences between Tony Scott’s 1986 film and John Kosinski’s “Top Gun 2: Maverick” is that the current one has a story to tell. which, like the first, features a sum of beautiful images of planes taking off and landing with impossible choreographies. But it also has drama, tetosterone, and the romance between Mav and Charlie, played by Kelly McGillis, a flight instructor.

Maverick, in “Top Gun” was a fighter pilot, who attended the academy and was traumatized by the death of Goose, who was traveling with him in an F-14 when he had to eye. Now, 36 years later, he could not cope with the death of his friend.

Thus, there will be no shortage of traumatic memories, nor the rebellious profile of Maverick, who reveals himself dangerously before his superiors. But there is a growth in the interpretation of Tom Cruise for dramatic scenes, being more credible than in any other film. Clearly, the emotion scenes were never the actor’s forte.

In addition, Tom Cruise trained specifically for each action scene and, for example, filmed himself with six cameras in the cockpit of the plane, to live up to his law; it gives the taste of a beach scene with a lot of muscular and youthful torsos and to the point of malnutrition.

Another distinctive element is the beginning, where the director John Kosinski, was allowed to do it very similar to the original, but with greater spectacularity, updated to these times, demonstrating a precise probability and a great power in the analogical action. . To them, it is necessary to summarize the action and the suspense in the plays and achieved scenes of impact between training and battle.

In conclusion, are we facing the best film of 2022? The answer will depend on where it was evaluated. The most logical thing is that it is from the gender and from the difference with its predecessor. There, with action, drama, suspense, romance, nostalgia and artisanal visual content, you can say yes, or almost.

What is not in question is that “Top Gun 2: Maverick” is a high-flying film, highly entertaining, with a fantastic soundtrack with Lady Gaga, which impacts from start to finish with its remarkable photography , a staging. and a tremendous sound, which makes it magnetic just like its charismatic protagonist, and which puts the debate over cinema in cinema at the center of the scene again, at the hands of the last great action hero,

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