Maverick in Paramount Plus that will raise prices —

Paramount Plus, like most platforms is going through times of change. While Showtime was already unifying services with Paramount Plus in the United States (something it had already done in some form in other markets such as Latin America) and considering the demise of Showtime as a streaming service, there is good news. Top Gun: Maverick Premiere.

Paramount CEO Bob Bakisk did not confirm the exact date but it will be sometime between October and December, according to industry sources.

Premiere Top Gun: Maverick, but what will happen to the platform?

On the one hand, while in the United States the streaming service offers a more robust library than in other countries such as Latin America, where there is no live sports, many contents cannot be downloaded and, subtitles are missing in a large number of series . and films (which only have a version dubbed in Spanish), it has also been confirmed that there has been an increase in the price, although it has not said in canton. Something that is repeated on many platforms.

“I guarantee you that the media will continue to evolve, I guarantee you that our product line will continue to evolve and improve”, he explained. Paramount previously agreed to bring Showtime programming content to the main Paramount+ app for users who subscribe to both services. Regardless, the Showtime app remains a separate option.

Although Paramount+ followed in the footsteps of other streamers in terms of their pricing, Bakish said they still plan to offer competitive pricing and stay below industry leaders like Netflix.

“The reality is that prices are going to go up,” he said. “We are at a good value price point, I would not want to be the price leader, that is, the most expensive. But, like Disney and like Netflix, we think about the price over time.”

Top Gun: Maverick is the highest-grossing film of 2022 and possibly one of the Oscar contenders in several categories. While it is likely to win in technical categories such as cinematography, editing and sound, it may not take home the statuette for best picture, as the Academy is marked, as is the Hollywood industry, in a download that privileges the politically correct content of films that are more attractive or have more interesting stories.

Although the exact date is missing, Top Gun: Maverick premieres on Paramount Plus before the end of 2022. Meanwhile, the film is on the billboard in many cinemas around the world and it can be bought now (really worth having in the collection) in stores as Apple TV.

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