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Maverick? Date confirmed — Conocedores.com

Not only is it the most successful film of 2022 in terms of box office. He managed to further relaunch Tom Cruise’s career and show that behind an attractive script, without abuse of special effects and without a political agenda, they can achieve better results with the biggest superheroes on the planet. Want to watch Top Gun 2: Maverick online? The date is already confirmed.

You can watch Top Gun 2: Maverick online from August 23, 2022 (in selected markets), initially on digital stores such as Amazon or Apple TV (iTunes). The film can be purchased or rented for home viewing by clicking here.

With over $1.3 billion grossed and again in the top 3 in the US this weekend, with a chance to return to the number one spot in the coming days, Maverick’s tech looks to continue to grow. Although it could not open in lucrative international markets, such as China or Russia, the film is possibly the best thing that the action genre has done in recent years.

Want to watch Top Gun 2: Maverick online?  Date confirmed

That’s why Paramount Pictures is taking advantage of its most successful film to continue collecting in theaters. In fact, it returned to IMAX complexes this weekend, and so far people who attended theaters have been given a token.

To watch Top Gun 2: Maverick online for the moment you will have to do it either with the purchase or digital rental.

For its streaming arrival, which will be on Paramount Plus, it will have to wait a little longer. The distributor has not announced the dates, but it will certainly not be before the last quarter of the year.

“The aerial sequences, the chases and the peels have a quality and stamp that is remarkably distinguishable and is far more clear, intense and dizzying than any CGI-generated production. And that’s where both the film and Cruise make the difference. Because, being a fervent defender of the most traditional and practical special effects, before the creators by computer, it is evident in every frame and we really are facing a film superior to the original». highlighted the journalist Leo Deangelis in his reviewqualifying the film with a score of 9.5 out of a maximum of 10.

Click here to buy or buy Top Gun 2: Maverick movie.

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