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Marketing for a design office: how to reinvent your strategy?

Those responsible for design offices are subjected to many challenges to ensure sustainable and flourishing growth. Therefore, it is important to continuously adapt to offer innovative solutions and increase your turnover. Communication actions are also fundamental to attract prospects, partners and make themselves known to the special press.

Therefore, your website should be optimized to improve the attraction and conversion of visitors into leads. It is essential to respect the editorial, ergonomic and technical criteria to gain efficiency and increase its visibility. Digital solutions are increasingly present and therefore it is important to modernize marketing and sales processes.

Digital: A winning strategy for B2B

Thanks to marketing actions, it is possible to attract more or less mature leads to contact thanks to ultra-personalized email workflows. A good prospecting strategy also optimizes your chances of getting an appointment with a potential client. It is also essential to differentiate your customer relationship from that of your competitors. So you can dig close to your targets to optimize your positioning.

Marketing for a design office How to reinvent your strategy

  • Goals: define precise and measurable objectives in order to ensure maximum ROI and good cost management.
  • Channels: choose the right channels to communicate (social networks, emails, advertising, etc.)
  • Supports: Make sure you integrate the right media to reach the right audience (video, articles, infographics, etc.)
  • Publications: Write clear and engaging messages that reflect your business.
  • Optimization: regularly audit and analyze your website to improve visitor attraction and conversion.
  • Differentiation: Find original ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Marketing can be an incredible source of growth if done right. Although it can be daunting at times, it is very lucrative in the long run as long as you follow best practices and show great creativity. If your design office wants to reinvent itself and successfully stand out, marketing is essential!

The key KPIs for monitoring a successful marketing strategy

Once your marketing strategy is established, you need to measure the effectiveness of the actions taken. To do this, you can track several key indicators:

  • Click Rate: measure the performance of your advertising and email campaigns.
  • Conversion rate: measure the number of potential customers who take an action (register for a webinar, download an e-book, for example).
  • Billing generated: it specifically targets the return on investment generated by your marketing actions.
  • Number of Qualified Leads: measure the performance of campaigns and emails at each stage of the conversion funnel.
  • Average time spent on site: measures the number of visitors who view your pages during a given time.
  • Bounce Rate: indicates the number of visitors to a page who leave the site immediately.

All of these indicators are essential to your prospecting. By tracking these KPIs, you will be able to analyze and optimize your marketing and sales strategy. The results obtained can also be highlighted during presentations to potential leads.


Marketing is critical for design offices that want to reinvent themselves and improve their prospecting. By creating a specific strategy and testing its results against the right KPIs, it is possible to get very satisfactory results and an interesting return on investment. In addition, digital is an invaluable source to optimize your visibility and effectively achieve your goals.

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