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Managing emotions in the elderly: dialogue as the key

Universal, necessary and with a physiological translation in our body: A workshop at the General University Hospital of Villalba teaches the elderly how to manage emotions.

As time passes, our bodies change: we become less agile, more dependent. So that aging does not affect the mental health of the elderly, managing emotions is a key piece of the puzzle. But,how?

From Villalba General University Hospitalthe doctor Nuria El Kadaoui, head of the Geriatrics Serviceencourages the control of emotions through a workshop that gives voice to patients and their experiences.

In an interview for EFEsalut, El Kadaoui elaborates on the value of this type of workshop and encourages patients to participate.

The three keys to managing emotions in the elderly

The passage of time takes its toll on us all. And precisely for that, to know to adapt in the new situations that are starting to develop quickly is a key piece.

Manage emotions i do not accumulate those that are negative they are the points on which we must lean when we reach an age.

Dr. El Kadaoui points out the communication as the basic concept, while facilitating a series of advices which are divided into the following points:

  1. attention. Many times older people do not receive the attention they require, they are isolated. Let’s change it!
  2. company. The expert indicates loneliness as one of the main concerns in the elderly. Friends and family are lost along the way, as are physical and mental abilities, making seniors feel more vulnerable.
  3. word. The human has an added treasure that no other species have: the word. And the word is absolutely healing. Talking about how we feel helps us manage our emotions.

The emotional and the physical go hand in hand

Emotions are universal, necessary, and managing them can lead to real health problems.

“Emotion has a physiological translation in our body,” explains the expert.

The head of geriatrics at the Villalba hospital assures that there is one direct relationship between emotion and health. Moreover, there is an unquestionable digestive expression of many emotions, such as nervousness or restlessness.

Uncontrollable and prolonged anger or sadness can lead to depression or anxiety. And, in addition, constant anxiety can cause an increase in tension in older people.

The point is that, in our body, everything is connected. Letting an emotion, still necessary and universal, control us and be the predominant one is, to say the least, dangerous.

A different mentality

But, Why is it so difficult for older people to handle these emotions as easily as young people do?

Beyond the feeling of burden that many develop when faced with the loss of capabilities, Nuria El Kadaoui points out that it is a problem of culture.

The most advanced people have lived in a time where the emotional was neglected, relegated in importance. Today’s concern for emotional and mental health did not exist. The priority was work, necessary for survival, so the emotional side was endured in silence.

The direct consequence of this type of practices is the lack of knowledge they present when it comes to express and understand the emotional.

I feel bad but I don’t know what’s wrong with me“, is the complaint that the doctor usually comes across in consultations. Because many elderly people are not able to assimilate and communicate what they feel.

Seniors and emotions: the importance of knowing how to manage them

In addition to the advice already provided, the fact of organizing emotional workshops for older patients is a resource that works. At the end of the day, older people find a safe, comforting space where they can express themselves, raise doubts and be understood.

“Emotions play a fundamental role in the processes of adaptation to old age,” says the doctor.

Facade of the General University Hospital of Villalba

For this reason, the General University Hospital of Villalba holds this type of conference. And, also for this reason, Nuria El Kadaoui, as the main speaker, advocates the extension of these practices to other centers.

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