Make money with your Christmas presents

Christmas is over and you may have had the opportunity to receive some gifts from your loved ones. But what to do with all these gifts? Some will be useful to you and will make you happy, but what about others, those who will stay in the bottom of a closet for the rest of the year? This is a great opportunity to resell what you don’t want and do good for your savings.

There are now many websites which allow you to resell your items very easily (and discreetly!). So, I’ve compiled a list of online sites that will help you make money earlier this year.

1. Post market

This is my favorite from this list. Because? Because it will allow you to do that more money! This is a website that specializes in reconditioning electrical and electronic equipment. In short, if you have received an electro device, a telephone, a computer, a speaker, which you do not need, do not hesitate and resell it! You can also take advantage of this site to buy a good quality product at a discounted price.

2. Marked by Facebook

This is an online marketplace that offers Facebook. You can add products as a seller (or buy them). The great advantage of the marketplace is that there are a lot of people who use it and it is very easy to use. This is one wedding venue, so you don’t have to pay anything on Facebook. The problem is that the site does not offer online payment methods, it is generally preferred to pay by hand. To make your life easier, you can select your geographical area.

3. Leboncoin

This is definitely the place to be classified and used best known in France. Have you ever been there? You can run your ad and therefore your product for free. Just take the time to write your ad well so that the product stands out from the rest.


Ebay is a real gold mine! This is a well-known American site, which works with a system of auction. It allows you to sell almost everything (or buy everything). The big advantage is that the price is not fixed, so you can sell your gift at a cheaper price than you thought!

5. Vinted

This is an application for resell your clothes. Could it be that you have received socks or other clothing that you do not plan to wear, or worse, that are not the right size? Sell ​​it to Vinted by setting the selling price. The application is very well done and effective. It is very easy to sell your product and ship it.

6. Card slot

This is a place where you can resell your cards. If you have received gift cards or an amazon card, this is the place to resell it! After indicating the card you want to sell, you will receive an exchange proposal and how you want to get your money back. It’s reliable, secure, and very cost-effective if you don’t intend to use a card you’ve received.

7. Momox

This site specializes in buying, in particular books. If you’ve received or recently finished books, this is the place to sell them. You can also sell books that you no longer want and that take up space. This is the place to make a purchase offer, so don’t expect to get very rich by selling your books there, but it’s a good start, especially if you don’t read the book again!

There are solutions to sell products that you will not use, the best idea is to sell them for the benefit of another person. It is also very good for you make some money.

If you are reading this blog to make money, here are some tips:

I have good plans for you to make money, including, without any particular order:

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