Make money selling your clothes

Aren’t you wearing it anymore? Sell ​​it! I’m sure you’ve heard this slogan before, and you may have even tried the Vinted app to sell your clothes online.

We all have clothes lying in the back of the closet that we no longer wear because it is too small, too big or too much for our liking … So why not make room in your closet while we make money? I will give you some of my tips to easily sell your clothes online.

Play the role of the salesperson

There are different ways to sell your clothes online, but the best known is the Vinted app. In fact, it is now the most used and valued app for selling clothes. How to do it? Simply put, just take a picture of the item you want to sell to highlight it. Just put the price you want, the state in which it is and the way you want to send it (world relay, colissimo, etc.)

If you have a lot of clothes to sell, you can do batch discounts like 20% for 3 items, for example, manage your own business, it’s great!

If you are reluctant to sell online, you can use the Leboncoin site and offer hand delivery, only you can reduce your geographical capacity.

I also recommend the Vestiaire collective website, where you mainly sell luxury items, or even Vide dresses.

Sell ​​your clothes on a platform

Don’t want to worry about managing the sales of your clothes? Some sites take care of that for you! The collective sites Modalist, Once again or Vestiaire offer to collect your clothes and resell them to you. How it works ? In most cases, you just need to fill a bag with the clothes you want to sell, send it to the platform, which will then offer you a repurchase offer. If you are satisfied with the price, you can accept the proposal, or reject and recover your clothes, you will only pay a commission for the return (between 7 and 8 €).

My tips for successful sales

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

  • Use daylight instead of artificial light,
  • Avoid photos in the mirror,
  • Instead, use a template or a friend to bring with you
  • Take the photo in a neutral environment (such as in front of a white or darker wall if the article is clear, this will make it stand out)

You are finally ready to become an online sales professional!

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