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Superheroes, familiar faces, absurd humor and not always effective parody; along with the story and the message of love, scenes would be on difficult topics of illness, a lot of rock from the hand of Guns N ‘Roses and a villain not always fearsome, is what offers “Thor 4: Love and Thunder” to fans . of the character. The new God of Thunder movie, which premiered in theaters last week, will be liked by some and others will be disappointed at the sight of one from Marvel. But you have to see it in theaters or streaming on Disney Plus?

SPOILERS. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) has an existential crisis after the events of “Avengers: Endgame” and fights all the time. While trying to rebuild himself as a superhero, along with the Guardians of the Galaxy, push to help the surviving Asgardians in their way, between strange or absurd situations. But the sadness for the lost beings and the pain for her deepest feelings, which remind her of Dr. Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), still haunts her.

But the initial scene serves as a presentation of the villain in turn: Gorr (Christian Bale) who sees how he loses his daughter, which makes him an enemy of his god and ends up turning him into a butcher of gods who wants to end them. the character is presented as a father who loves his daughter in very adverse conditions, and in the face of the loss of the girl, seek revenge by going for all the Goddesses.

On the other hand, the film presents the return to the world of Dr. Jane Foster’s Thor. But the woman has advanced cancer with little chance of surviving; so she seeks the power of the Mjolnir to feel better and become the powerful Lady Thor. Therefore, to face Gorr a great equipment forms with its Valkyrie companion, Korg, and its ex- fianc2ee Jane, who will surprise to him as the new Thor and together they will look for his enemy to avoid a greater disaster.

Absurd humor, action, drama and rock

“Thor 4: Love and Thunder”is a kind of galactic odyssey, but in the form of a teenage student where the music of Guns N ‘Roses, action and humor come together to develop a story that exaggerates everything, but also has interesting moments.

Like a cynical comedy and a full drama, it does not leave aside the low blows, always disguised in humor or love. Director Taika Waititi, taking too many licenses and being too fieldy to his ideas, which doesn’t seem to go hand in hand too much with Marvel, is once again fusing a fable for children, absurd humor and the sensitivity of love. But these ingredients do not always go hand in hand, and various situations prevent this union from being achieved, and this absurdity distorts the message or the story.

It is well known and has been seen that Marvel continues to find its way and style in this Phase 4, with more political speeches or situations that will prevail in entertainment, more dramatic or boring movies, with less action than the previous phases, and with the question of generosity well marked and highlighted in each new production, in many cases with a commitment to new characters.

Unlike that, in “Thor 4: Love and Thurner”, the faces are well known, and the film has humor. But the conception of this humor, perhaps from the director’s parody or licenses to impose his style, is that, by mingling with the protagonist’s sentimental question and suffering for not being able to have his beloved, counteracts all the entertaining moments of peeling. between lightning, horrible and evil creatures, cursed swords, hammers and ax.

Waititi, had already turned Thor into a comedy, when he directed “Thor: Rangarok” in 2017 and where the plot did fit perfectly, with the structure of each character. This time, in “Thor 4: Love and Thurner”, has managed to have the effective dynamics achieved in its predecessor and the pieces did not always manage to fit extravagantly.

Thus, some scenes are better than others and several are definitely failed. As for the visual, something similar happens, it has several beautiful, successful, colorful moments, which do go hand in hand with the fun, but there is also a lot of image outside of aesthetics, where the absurd wants to go hand in hand with the visual.

Anyway, this story goes back to the most Marvel fans, something that most of his latest productions had missed, offering action and laughter. It will not be done right, like the old Marvel, but beyond the licenses, mentioned above, there is no intention, in this concern to innovate, to have something of other times.

As for the cast it can be said that it achieves good chemistry. While most of the time he is marked in humor, Chris Hemsworth is repeated too much in his character, not only in this one, but in previous films. Portman, Thompson and Pratt are the names that are among the main ones, and since you have some surprises in store for me because something has to be saved, old man. If not, there is no mystery.

The best of the film seemed to be Christian Bale. The actor of “The Dark Knight”, goes through several very changing moments: the suffering father of the beginning and the villain who seeks revenge, to become very scary with kidnapped boys and throwing fearsome dark creatures. But the outcome, Thor’s speech, and Gorr’s redemption pull down all the good he had done as evil. Maybe it’s not his fault, his performance is the best in the film.

There are also very successful and effective cameos by Matt Damon and Luke Hemsworth, with the aggregate briefly featured by Sam Neill. Another actor who also overacts, but his character requires it, is Russell Crowe, as a completely narcissistic god Zeus who will disappoint Thor when he goes to ask for help.

Thor 4 Watch it in movies or streaming to Disney Plus?

“Thor 4: Love and Thurner” is clearly not Marvel’s best despite its intentions. It is also clear that the film will not be indifferent to anyone and this is also clear that it is a film that every Marvel fan must see and draw their own conclusions, because opinions are very divided. That’s why the question arises: See it in movies or streaming on Disney Plus?

“Thor 4” is a very enjoyable film for those who go to the movies to indulge in an adventure of absurd humor, action, lightning and fights, without great pretensions. Obviously Marvel chose a path and doesn’t seem to be on its plans to deviate from it, at least not for now. If the viewer is looking for a serious and solemn superhero story with a lot of action, since it is warned, this is not it.

But he gave verse. And all Thor fans, have to do it on the big screen. They will put aside prejudices, and embark on the adventure, the music of Guns N ‘Roses, and the humor, not always good, never very bad, that the director plants and will enjoy the tics, the way of being and the madness of the protagonist.

Is that “Thor: Love and Thunder” works for fans, for those who do not want to lose the thread of the story and, not to leave anyone out, for those who want to choose a good time of entertainment without further ado. In short, Marvel ends up giving us, in its own way, what we asked for lately, a funny movie, and it did. Of course, in his own way.

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