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The Peripheral it has all the right ingredients to be the next successful sci-fi series, but it gets lost in its own plot. It premieres this Friday, October 21 on Amazon Prime Video.

The Peripheral is the new ‘big series’based on the novel of the same name by William Gibson, which premieres Amazon Prime Video then ‘The Rings of Power’, even if this big one is small if we check the magnitude of the series about Middle Earth. The new science fiction drama series produced by the creators of ‘Westworld’Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, very reminiscent of the dystopian series. As in the HBO series, The Peripheral takes place in a future-exploring dystopia that leans heavily on impressive special effects, creating images that build a different and interesting aesthetic future world. However, unlike the first season of ‘Westworld’, The Peripheral squanders all its strengths in a convoluted plot, slow andeven if it seems like a lie boring.

Set in the year 2032, The Peripheral it focuses on brothers who are involved in a plot that will put them in danger. Flynne Fisher, played by Chloë Grace Moretz, ekes out a living while caring for her sick mother. Her brother Burton, played by Jack Reynor, lives in a trailer in front of their house where he earns money through virtual reality games with the help of his sister, an activity that manages to pay his medical bills mother One day, a mysterious client offers Burton a significant payment in exchange for testing an experimental system. Flynne, being more experienced, decides to try it for him. From that moment, both will discover that the events of this ‘virtual reality’ will become all too real.


A great idea very poorly executed

The Peripheral
Amazon Prime Video

The main problem that drags The Peripheral is the development of its plot. From the first moment, it is clear to us that Chloë’s character, Flynne, is the protagonist. All facts are linked to your perspective and experiences, however, the audience is constantly given information that Flynne doesn’t have, which completely undermines any potential intrigue or suspense in the storysince the viewer cannot empathize with the character and it makes the viewing experience terribly boring. Everything feels unbalanced by its structure from the beginning and the large amount of information coupled with slow plot development does not help at all. To compound the clumsy structure, The Peripheral it has a large cast of characters, which become too much together. As the season progresses, more and more side stories are introduced, which just it further muddies the plot, which runs out of time to create sufficient characterization in the characters like being relatable or compelling, having a clear motivation, or having enough narrative meaning to justify their scenes.

Review of WESTWORLD T3, an uncertain new world

It’s good, but it could be better

The Peripheral
Amazon Prime Video

There are elements of the series that work really well. The performances are mostly good and the special effects are exceptional. The world it presents to us is rich and interesting, and future scenes are a visual treat. Howeveryet The Peripheral have good things the bad ones weigh more. Too many characters, too many simultaneous plots… the series tries to give us a lot, but does the opposite with it. This can be seen in the length of the episodes, which exceed the hour of footage. Nolan and Joy were certainly coming off of seasons of Westworld that weren’t as impressive as the first few, but the hope that The Peripheral would take the lead as a great new sci-fi series was there ever since it was announced. despite everything fails to convince and remains in a modest approval.

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