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Look forward to 2023 with optimism

Psychological reflections to say goodbye to a year and welcome 2023 with optimism, with a positive attitude, forgetting sorrows and worries despite adversities and moving forward in life with the desire to make our dreams come true.

Although the situations we are experiencing in the year we are saying goodbye do not seem to offer many reasons to toast and celebrate the arrival of 2023, we can indeed extract valuable learnings, live experiences with optimism and temper our spirits in times of adversity and difficulties, according to psychologists.

“The Christmas period is usually loaded with gifts, but it also offers us new and stimulating opportunities,” according to them Ángela Fernández, psychologist at the European Medical Institute of Obesity (IMEO).

“It could become the ideal moment to disconnect, reflect, breathe and reconnect with ourselves. An opportunity to take advantage of our freedom and make a representation of what we wish to create in our life, allowing us to discover what attracts us”, he points out.

The ‘inner child’ and illusions

According to Fernández, “thinking about Christmas automatically transports us to childhood. During the rest of the year, when we are wrapped up in a chaotic routine, our ‘inner child’ is forgotten and abandoned, that part of our personality, rooted in our childhood and which remains latent and influences us in our life adult”.

“It is the ideal time to take this little interior for a walk to start the year 2023 with a vision of optimism and health,” he emphasizes.

“When did we lose the illusion, this ability to get excited and excited? If she stayed by the wayside, you can get her back”, reflects the psychologist.

Fernández indicates that illusions can be specific, such as a trip, or everyday, such as going to a dance class on Thursdays and that, ultimately, “illusion is an engine of life”.

For this reason, Fernández recommends devoting time to reflect to connect with what excites us: “as you connect with yourself and feel better and better, you will realize that the real illusion is in the little things”, he emphasizes.

All waiting for Father Christmas, and good news. Image provided by IMEO

Hope, curiosity and optimism for 2023

The aim of the Christmas days could be to “allow us to live in the moment, the ‘here and now’, without rushing and without the feeling of having to perform a specific role or function. It’s simply about feeling our body and connecting with it”, he points out.

“It’s a good time to break the habit of abandoning ourselves and get in touch with what we need, for example by indulging ourselves without feeling guilty,” she suggests.

Although “we don’t know what 2023 will offer us, we can choose how we want to face what’s to come. Facing the day with hope is a challenge to curiosity: hope and curiosity are choices that will allow us to connect with each of the situations we live in with motivation, giving validity to our emotions. Hope is not a guarantee that what we expect will happen, but it will influence what we will pay more attention to”, says the expert.

Inner connection, silence and solitude

“On this Christmas holiday, start giving time to connect with yourself: from the first hour recognize your emotions, how you are, how you slept”, recommends Ángela Fernández.

“Enjoy the silence of the first minutes of the day, and you will realize that your mind is constantly talking to you”, he reveals.

It also suggests: “Observe your surroundings, breathe and go for a walk. Observe the lights and colors of the streets. Allow your body to generate smiles and feel well-being and pleasure. Disconnect your mobile phone to connect with yourself and the world around you.

“If Christmas forces you to fulfill numerous commitments, give yourself the possibility to choose what you really like and need, and say NO to certain commitments”points out

For Fernández it is also important “know how to be alone”but we must consider whether it would be positive to expand our social support network, as one of the good intentions for the year that is about to begin”, he advises.

Surround yourself with ‘good vibes’ people

“Sharing our free time with people who make us feel good is also key to a healthy life,” says the IMEO expert.

“Take advantage of the holidays to surround yourself with people who have this special gift of making you smile without realizing it, and have a good conversation with these people”, recommends the psychologist.

“Getting the best out of each moment and enjoying the best part of each person with whom we share the Christmas period is healthy and optimistic. It will help us experience the meetings of family or friends with a different attitude, and maybe it will offer us surprises”, he points out.

“Perhaps in previous years, family dinners were not very pleasant. But this year it changes focus and pays attention. There have probably been changes in everyone’s paths. And remember to use a universal tool that is fundamental; sense of humour. It’s the right time to rethink our priorities and remember that you deserve to be happy!”, he emphasizes.

2023 Year of optimism Christmas
Time to give gifts and to ‘give away’ joy. Image provided by IMEO

Cultivate positive attitudes

From the field of coaching, skill training aimed at achieving goals, and the generation of positive thinking, the specialist Ruben Bravoalso specialized in techniques for improvement, growth and personal well-being, recommends two simple tasks to assess the year 2022 and schedule the year 2023 in a hopeful and optimistic way.

The first task he recommends is to “orient our mind towards gratitude, distancing it from complaint. One way to achieve this is to write a list of ten things that we have in our lives and for which we should be grateful”, according to EFE.

The second, aimed at “promoting a 2023 full of positive changes, would consist of making a family or personal assessment of our financial situation, work, personal relationships, healthy habits and emotional situation, to detect where we encounter the most difficulties”, he points out.

Based on this assessment, the next step is to “find a plan with realistic goals to improve the situation during the new year”, according to Bravo. Live 2023 with optimism.

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