Leboncoin celebrates its 15th anniversary!

Obviously you know the leboncoin site! Do you know that the right corner is 15 years old today? Yes, the site with 29 million users a month was created in 2006. And it is in a few years that the site has become a real reference for selling or buying items all over France. Let’s go back to the history of the good corner, its main assets, but also the distrust that exists especially on the part of buyers.

A place like no other

Leboncoin has become a real benchmark throughout France for selling or buying itemsopportunity. Leboncoin has no less than 40 million ads. It has been a great success for 15 years now! This success may be associated with a stagnation in the purchasing power of the French. It is a more affordable source of consumption as individuals do business with each other. Several studies have been carried out which have made it possible to update some very interesting figures. If we tell you about this site on the blog today, it’s because we learn as well as shoppers do on average € 250 savings per year shopping at Leboncoin! So, it is a place that really allows you to do good business or make money. As for the sale, there is a turnover of approximately 400 euros per year. It is an important economic benefit that allows you to reach the end of the month. So, bottom line is that we’re really looking forward to it, but we’re not about to close the store!

Beware of scams

However, the caution is required, especially on the buyer’s side. In fact, we are seeing technical issues related to secure payment, delivery issues, and the presence of many scammers. Leboncoin is not always unanimous and some consumer associations ask for it distrust. The website is also undervalued by customers, and some claim that it is sometimes difficult to charge. Several scams have been discovered and buyers should be on the lookout. You should know that the platform has officially acknowledged that sometimes there are technical failures. But the owners of the good corner are always working to improve the performance of the site, and thus allow buyers to make good deals with complete security.

We already talked about the scams on the site in another article.

Some wise advice

If you ever want to do business with leboncoin, it is highly recommended to actively discuss with the seller. When you want to buy an expensive product, do not hesitate to ask for more photos and to check that they do not come from an image bank. In theory, when talking to a salesperson, you should quickly see if he or she is serious or not. If in doubt, we recommend that you do not continue the exchange and do not proceed with the purchase of the product. You should also know that hand delivery is certainly safer than mailing.

Leboncoin remains a benchmark in the sale and purchase of products in France. Despite our small notice, we must admit that the site is especially practical and that it is possible to make good deals, both as a seller and as a buyer.

And you, what is your experience with the site? Feel free to tell us!

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