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Lamb, picana and tomahawk: how to create a perfect pairing of these meats with wine Drinks | Peru | nnda | nnni | RECIPES

Grilled meats are a weekend classic and these flavors that mix smoked, firewood or various species have in a good you to her great companion to create a perfect pairing. If lamb, picana, tomahawk or chancho al palo are among your favorites, here’s what fused drink.

The recommendations are made by Maria Elena Cárdenas Palma, professional sommelier who represents the Portuguese winery ‘Casa Ermelinda Freitas’, who arrives in Lima with the help of ‘Entre Vinos y Copas’ to delight the palates of lovers of good wine . .

1. Lamb

Casa Ermelinda Freitas Reserva produced with Alicante Bouschet is a type of grape not only of skin but also of colored pulp, cross between the grapes Garnacha and Petit Bouschet. It works perfectly with a lamb on the stick. The intensity of aroma and flavor of this grape and the contribution of 12 months of barrel to this wine, allows it to be paired with a meat as intense as lamb added to the smoky notes provided by the firewood. A real treat.

2. Picanya

Casa Ermelinda Freitas Reserva Carmenére is a grape native to the French region of Bordeaux, but is known in the world as the flag of Chile. It goes perfectly with a picaña, this powerful cut with a layer of fat, will work perfectly with the tannins so present in this wine. If we accompany this with grilled vegetables where the pieces predominate, the flavors of the wine would stand out more. Dishes with a spicy profile such as carapulcra or dry soup or with herbal notes such as sautéed loin are an ideal accompaniment.

3. Tomahawk

The Tomahawk is a cut of meat characterized by its intramuscular fat that gives it great flavor and juiciness, so it will be perfectly accompanied by the iconic grape of Portugal ‘Touriga Nacional’ Reserve of Casa Ermelinda Freitas. This wine is also juicy, with intense tannins, medium body – high and elegant. If we also add some candied tomatoes or fresh salad with some dehydrated red fruits among its ingredients, the explosion of flavors that will produce the pairing of the wine and the dish will be taken to another level.

4. Sausage sautéed loin

The wine made with Trincadeira grapes, also called Tinta Amarela by Casa Ermelinda Freitas Reserva, is characterized by its intense ruby ​​color, excellent acidity, abundant aromas, relevant notes of moist forest, mushrooms, spices and soft tannins. A dish like a sautéed noodle that also includes mushrooms and mushrooms, will be the perfect pairing. In general, Peruvian-Oriental fusion food will enhance the flavors of the wine. The preparation provided by these smoky notes on the plate, the spices used and the juiciness, goes very well with this wine with a lot of flavor and a long finish.

5. Pig on the stick

Combining this dish is no easy task, but Casa Ermelinda Freitas Syrah Reserva is a great choice. In this recipe, it usually has a maceration in salt, pepper, rosemary, herbs, including some dark soda or beer to give color and flavor, and this increases the notes that offer the cooking of firewood, we can say that it goes very well. with this wine of spicy, smoky notes and rich tannins.

Find these high-end wines through the social networks of “Entre Vinos y Copas” and by DM https://instagram.com/entrevinos.copas.

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