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Jason Momoa aka Jack Sparrow

The Country of Dreams is the streaming giant’s new big bet netflix. It premieres this weekend with Jason Momoa as a great claim and these 70 million official budget of the film. Have they been able to take advantage? We explain it to you under our humble opinion.

The Country of Dreams begins by narrating the happy and placid life of nemo and his father, who live on a small island taking care of the lighthouse that is there. One night, the father of nemo must go out to sea to help a ship in distress. nemo she falls asleep and has a nightmare in which her father ends up swallowed up in the deep sea. when nemo wakes up, they announce to him that his father died that same night by drowning. The girl, with no other close relatives, will live in the city with her uncle Philipbut he continues to have very vivid dreams in which he is haunted by a nightmare in the form of a cloud of black smoke.

The Land of Sounds Jason Momoa

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The film is directed by Francis Lawrencea director already expert in bringing literary and comic book adaptations to the big screen. He has directed, with more successes than failures, Constantine (2005), I’m Legend (2007), Water for Elephants (2011)the trilogy of The Hunger Games i red sparrow (2018). All based on a successful book and comic.

The Country of Dreams is not the exception. Maybe it doesn’t sound like anything to many of you, but it is a work that has been adapted and worshiped many times. The original work, created by Winsor McCayin 1905, is considered as the first great classic in the history of comics. So much so, that already in 1911 it had its first adaptation to celluloid in the form of a short film under the title of Little Nemo (I leave a link to the full short here for the curious). Dream One (1984) i Little Nemo (1989) they take us to the film in question.

If, to these data, we add the star Jason Momoa and 70 million dollars, we can say that, on paper, we must be in front of one of the big dates of the year, in terms of family cinema, but… Is that so?

Netflix The Land of Sounds

Broadly, the movie cannot be said to be bad, but not very good either. The technical section shines according to your budget, the special effects are perfect, they look very real and the design is colorful and we could say quite artistic, noting certain reminiscences of the style used in The Hunger Gamespompous, extravagant, but at the same time refined.

The main problem comes in the position it leaves, the empathy of its characters, the feelings it hardly provokes… The soul of the film. I won’t say that it is completely lacking in feeling, some scenes have their point, for example when the little one nemo he tells his uncle that his father had not forgotten him and that he told him stories of his every night. Perhaps it would have been better to cut dream footage, which in the middle part becomes a bit repetitive, and give more importance to the main character of Nemo to empathize with her more.

certainly the character of the uncle Philipsuperbly performed by Chris O’Dowdhe is the only one capable of bringing out feelings in the viewer. The Irish actor, best known for his humorous roles, shows that he also knows how to understand the public. The character of Momoa it’s very overacted, loud and extravagant… A bit Jack Sparrow. The problem is that I think it lacks comic life. I’m not saying that Momoa’s character isn’t capable, but this time his character fails to draw us in and rather pulls us out of the film.

The Country of Sounds Chris O'Dowd

From what I’ve read, it is not an adaptation that can boast of being faithful to the original work. Already the character of Nemo is a child in the comic strip, both parents are alive and the character of Phil is someone antagonistic, tasked with awakening Nemo only to cross his path. So if you’re a fan of the comic, don’t expect to see anything very similar, although it does take a lot of the style of the original strip.

In short, lights and shadows for this The Country of Dreams. I think that at least for the little ones it will be enjoyable, and I don’t think that adults will find it too boring either. It could have been better, maybe this 70 million budget was used for something more, maybe with less it could have been done a little better… We’ll never know.

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