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It was confirmed with a premiere to see Top Gun Maverick in streaming — Conocedores.com

There were rumors and rumors for weeks. But something was clear. After the box office success, neither Paramount Pictures nor Tom Cruise wanted the film to hit the platforms quickly. On the one hand, the film collected 1.5 billion dollars worldwide and since its release in digital format, it remains in the number one position in most countries. But now, it’s been confirmed when Top Gun Maverick premiered on streaming, at least, in two markets, via Paramount Plus, obviously.

You can watch Top Gun Maverick streaming from December 22 on Paramount Plus in the UK and Ireland.

Although the confirmed date is exclusively for both countries, it may be similar to the rest of the world. According to several industry sources, Tom Cruise’s idea was for the film to open for the Christmas holidays of 2022, while Mission Impossible is slated to arrive on July 7, 2023, with Mission Impossible 8 due in 2024.

Originally, Top Gun Maverick was supposed to hit theaters in 2020, but it was pushed back almost two years, for all-knowing reasons and with many theaters closed around the world.

While many other films debuted directly on streaming, Tom Cruise was categorical, in relation to replacing the cinema premiere on a platform: “That’s not going to happen. never I have made films for the big screen».

And both Cruise and Paramount were right to keep it on hold for two years and make it, so far, the biggest box office of 2022.

“The aerial sequences, the chases and the peels have a quality and stamp that is remarkably distinct and far more clear, intense and dizzying than any CGI-generated production. And this is where both the film and Cruise make the difference. Because, being a fervent defender of the most traditional and practical special effects, before the creators by computer, it is evident in every frame and we are really facing a film superior to the original”, said the journalist Leo DeAngelis. in his review and critique of the film.

Top Gun Maverick is the sequel to the 1986 film, in which Cruise has to train a team of top pilots for a complete mission. The cast also includes Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, Bashir Salahuddin and Val Kilmer, under the direction of Joseph Kosinski.

For fans who want to have it on digital form, can be purchased by clicking here.

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