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It was one of the box office successes of the year in terms of cost-benefit investment. The horror film grossed $170 million in 50 days of release with a production cost of $12 million. Therefore, its second part has been quickly confirmed. On which streaming platform to watch M3GAN?

What is the film about?

The story begins with the life of Cady, a teenager who loses her parents in a car accident. After being orphaned, he goes to live with his aunt Gemma, a specialist in robotics, who develops a project called M3GAN, a kind of humanoid robot designed to be the company of the boy or girl assigned to him.

Gemma decides to use an M3GAN to help her care for Cady, but what starts as a fun story between a human girl and a robot girl, turns into a nightmare for the whole family.

Who are part of the cast?

The film stars Allison Williams and Amie McDonald along with Violet McGraw, Brian Jordan Alvarez, Jen Van Epps and Ronny Chieng, among others.

On which streaming platform to watch M3GAN?

As CONOCEDORES anticipated, M3GAN is already available to watch from this month in the United States, through the streaming platform Peacock, which is part of the same Universal Pictures company, which was behind the film movie

In Latin America, it does not yet have a premiere date, but it will be during the second half of the year on HBO Max.

And in some countries, including the United States, even if there is no Latin America or Spain, you can buy online from digital stores such as iTunes / Apple TV (click here).

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