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International medical training in laparoscopic surgery

The Mollet Health Foundation (FSM) has signed an alliance with the B. Braun Center of Excellence (CoE) to offer courses to healthcare professionals around the world on laparoscopic surgery, a surgical technique through which tubes are inserted short and thin in the abdomen to treat various pathologies

Center of excellence offers international medical training in laparoscopic surgery

Training in the operating room/Photo provided

The courses are organized by the Aesculap Academy, an entity specialized in medical training which, in 2022, held around 4,000 courses with a total of 268,000 participants in more than 40 countries.

Jordi Vallés, director of B. Braun’s CoE OR Supply, has assessed this synergy as “a unique opportunity” to complement the development of professionals in laparoscopic surgery “in a real environment”.

This reference center is located in the town of Mollet de Vallès (Barcelona) and will use the Hospital’s own facilities, close to the headquarters of B. Braun, a supplier of healthcare products and solutions, 23 kilometers from distance to the municipality of Rubí.

Therefore, the surgeons who participate in these courses will attend interventions with real patients in the operating rooms, combining the theoretical and practical aspects of this type of surgery.

In this sense, the head of the General Surgery and Digestive System service of the FSM, Dr. Carlos Hoyuela, has revealed that thanks to innovation they have been able to implement “the 3D operating room”, so that surgical techniques “at least avant-garde invasives of international interest”.

Following this line, as an additional part of the agreement, both organizations will develop “innovative” projects in terms of sustainability and efficiency in management and processes within the surgical area.

For the Marketing Services manager of the B. Braun Group, Naira Marín, this union responds to “shared values” such as health care and environmental sustainability.

Marín explained, in an interview with the EFE Agency, that for them, from their experience, it is always important to have “direct and transparent” communication with health centers, as well as with those responsible for them and those who are in contact with users.

“It doesn’t make sense that we dedicate ourselves to working on solutions without first talking to the people who will use them. It is important to know what difficulties they have in order to be able to improve certain aspects. One of our strengths is that we not only provide products, but also services, that is, solutions that accompany the product”, he remarked.

Finally, regarding this matter, the general director of the FSM, Jaume Duran, has supported that the health system must continue to work to “reduce its environmental impact, our carbon footprint and protect people’s health “.

From left to right: Lourdes Laborda, director of management and assistant to the FSM General Directorate; Dr. Carlos Hoyuela, Head of General Surgery and Digestive System FSM; Dr. Jaume Durán, general director FSM; Jordi Vallès, director of the CoE OR Supply; Jordi Jorba, Partnership & Strategic Manager OR Supply; Naira Marín, Global Manager Marketing Services CoE OR Supply; and Florence Roumeas, Head of Corporate Communication B. Braun in Spain sign the alliance/Photo provided

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