In 2023, cancel the HBO Max app to join Discovery Plus —

The war of streaming services looks like it will live intense years, with winners and losers. While some entered the content field recently, such as Apple with Apple TV Plus, achieving resounding success with productions such as CODA, Ted Lasso, The Morning Show and Severant, others are finding their way. Among them, Netflix is ​​still the leader, losing subscribers and will start offering a cheaper subscription with advertising included. And now, Warner Bros.’ $43 billion purchase of Discovery will see the HBO Max app disappear by 2023.

Incredibly, one of the most attractive platforms is suffering havoc at the hands of the new directors of the Discovery Group, who will begin to dismantle all the work built over the years by Warner Bros.

From the removal of CNN Plus within days of its launch, to the recent cancellation of the movie Batgirl, already finished filming and in post-production to be released in 2023, after having invested 90 millions of dollars.

Also earlier in the week, the company made a decision on the exclusive additional films of HBO Max They will disappear from the service, but are still available to buy or rent.

But that’s not all. Now, the executives will announce next year, they will unify the HBO Max application with that of Discovery Plus, in the same streaming service, although it is not known what number it will have. Although HBO “is a beacon” within the company, no one can guarantee today that the new combined platform will retain the name HBO Max.

HBO cannot be part of the unified direct-to-consumer platform name. Now, the company is researching consumer perception of the HBO Max name.

The merged HBO Max-Discovery+ service will combine the best elements of both services, while ensuring that HBO Max overcame performance and customer issues, but offering a broad set of features. While Discovery Plus has more limited features, but provides a more solid final delivery, according to the firm’s perception.

Cancel the application of HBO Max is one of the options that will be downloaded firmly.

In 2023, cancel the HBO Max app to join Discovery Plus

Following the launch of the new service in mid-2023 in the United States, Warner Bros. Discovery plans to roll out the unified platform of HBO Max and Discovery Plus in Latin America by the end of 2023. Later it will be the turn of Europe in early 2024, to reach the Asia Pacific region in mid-2024.

The cancellation of the HBO Max application, to offer a new service, while still drawing attention to the high level of branding that the HBO name has around the world.

Beyond the decision taken by the new group Warner Bros. We cannot but recommend Discovery subscribe to HBO Maxwith original content and movies and series from Warner Bros., DC Comics, CN, HBO and Max Originals, which places it as one of the best streaming services.

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