Human Hunt in the Rain

Lou is one of the two big premieres of netflix for this weekend next to Athena of Romain Gavras. Directed by Anna Foerster and interpreted by Allison Janney, Jurnee Smollett i Logan Marshall-Greenis a candidate firm to occupy a high place at the top of the platform’s most viewed in the coming weeks.

Lou (Allison Janney) is a curvy woman who lives on an inhospitable rural island in the British Columbiaa canada. It is the home of Hannah (Jurnee Smollett), a single mother who lives with her young daughter in a confrontational dwelling. One night, when a great storm hovers over the island, the daughter of Hannah she is kidnapped by her ex-husband, who until now was thought to be dead, or at least missing. With no possibility of communicating with anyone, they decide to go out after the search for the little girl through a lush forest and under a terrible storm of wind and water.

LOU NETFLIX Logan Marshall-Green

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In general, I think so Lou it’s a satisfying film that fulfills what one expects to find in a film of this type, a thriller in the middle of nature. The location is stunning, canada, without a doubt, is guaranteed success by these stories. As a thriller it doesn’t disappoint either. It doesn’t take long to get into the subject matter, at only 20 minutes we already have our two empowered heroines stuck in the woods, following the trail of the miserable ex-husband. From here the film does not give rise to any breaksthe pace I won’t say is devilish, since it’s not something frantic at any point, but no one can deny that it’s quite animated.

The performances, correct, with the exception of the little girl, who I found a little out of tune, and I would even dare to say, clueless, it doesn’t seem like the director managed to get her to focus. The veteran Allison Janney I was surprised, because in addition to acting at a good level, which is expected from an actress of her caliber, I have seen her very disfigured in the action scenes, which I suppose she must have had a double for certain moments, as the development is sometimes a bit dirty. From Jurnee Smollettso what can I say, I’m not very objective, since I’ve been in love with her since I saw her in the fun and imaginative Lovecraft Country. Complete the main trio, a correct one, although in my opinion below the female duet, Logan Marshall-Greenan actor who, despite his relative youth, has already had well-played leading roles as a Upgrade (2018) or The Invitation (2015).

LOU NETFLIX Jurnee Smollett

Lou is the second feature film directed by Anna Foersterafter his 2016 debut wasn’t very well received, Underworld: Blood Wars. However, this woman has a record, we could say, impeccable in the direction of series… Carnival Row, Westworld, Outlander or Criminal Minds they are a good example. In my opinion, on this occasion, his work is quite acceptable in all aspects, with a good editing, without much complication and achieving the desired effect in the action scenes. If I have to put one negative note could be the direction of actorswhich, as I mentioned previously, seemed to me to be improveable in some of the cases.

The sound section seems to me to be well selected, since the lyrics of the songs are consistent with what is happening on the screen, although a bit repetitive. Almost all the songs played in the film are from the same group, Toto, an American band founded by keyboardist David Paich and drummer Jeff Porcaro. They have true anthems from the history of music like the theme Hold The Line, which plays no less than 3 times, or Africa.

Summing up, Lou is a film that meets the expectations of what it aims to be, thriller in nature, with good doses of action, some impacts that rub the gore and plot twists, some more intuitive or predictable than others. Enjoyable, without being something you have to remember for a long time.

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