How to use my Medadvisor to save time and money

Working your way to success could mean that time is an absolute luxury. Health should be on your list of investment priorities to keep you up to date with your job, studies or life. However, it is not easy to find the time and money for this, if you have a busy schedule or constantly have deadlines and paychecks to meet.

This article will show you how to use Medadvisor to save time and money. Keep reading!

What is my Medadvisor?

Prioritizing one’s overall health is difficult enough. But for those with a disease that requires many different medications, management is something else. That said, solutions to this problem have emerged and evolved.

My MedAdvisor is a powerful drug tracking app with digital pharmacy capabilities that offers instructional material. It helps promote health literacy. Patients, local pharmacists, and large pharmacies use MedAdvisor for medication adherence.

What does it offer?

MedAdvisor uses modern Internet and mobile phone technology to provide you with a tool that ensures that you take your medications safely, effectively and on time.

Automatic drug list

Each time you fill a prescription, MedAdvisor updates the list of all your prescription drugs on the main screen. Basic details are also provided on the home screen, including the active ingredient of the medicine, the brand, the number of repetitions remaining, and the planned supply for the days.

It also shows detailed information about the medicine you need if you want to know more. You can design your reminders for your over-the-counter supplements, including vitamins. For example, MedAdvisor can notify you when your daily vitamin C tablet is depleted.

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Refill of medicines

As mentioned above, you can notify us in advance when one of your recipes is about to run out. But if queuing at the pharmacy can still be inconvenient, Medadvisor also offers a refill feature that allows you to order repeat prescriptions and pick them up at your favorite pharmacy.

For this to be available, you must leave your prescriptions at the pharmacy. The pharmacy will email you when your medications are ready for collection.


The application is specific to your needs. Therefore, it is customized. It even has a virtual pharmacist that reminds you of your prescriptions or a feature you might want to try. The current information on the screen may also depend on the medication list.

Multiple lists

Some people do not manage their medications, but their siblings, grandparents, parents or spouses. Because it’s personalized, you may want to create multiple lists for different people.

With caregiver mode, you should be able to manage different recipes for different people. After filling out each person’s scripts, custom sections for them will appear on the home screen. This way, you can save time and organize your medications efficiently and comfortably.


My MedAdvisor offers different types of health-related educational articles to read. Each reading, from illnesses, diseases and vaccines to medications, is specific to a particular medical topic. Also, each story includes how long it will take you to read it. So it can be perfect if you are a busy person or someone who prefers short readings.

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It can be difficult, whether it’s your medication or your health, to try to work efficiently, on another person or several people at once. But, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Modern solutions to these problems can be your way of living more and less worry. You can save money and spend more free time for yourself.


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