How to use chatbot marketing in digital marketing and what is it?

It’s no surprise that bots are everywhere, especially in marketing, given that the world is moving heavily towards automation. When it comes to managing operations and generating leads and customers, bots and automation are undeniably helpful.

However, getting your hands dirty is still vital in any marketing approach.

Chatbot marketing is a great automation tactic. This digital marketing method automates customer communication to a point, before a consumer is transferred to a live person for assistance.

However, it goes further.

Chatbot in digital marketing

A chatbot is software or computer code that automates communication with users. Depending on what a person selects or asks for, it can be programmed with multiple responses.

A chatbot can, for example, ask a user about which company’s services they want to know more about before answering, or direct them to more useful information based on their selection.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is driving more sophisticated bots, but most chatbots come pre-programmed with predefined responses and conversation flow diagrams. Without the need for specialized coding or development skills, there are several third-party platforms that allow marketers and business owners to quickly build their own chatbot conversation trees.

Every imaginable customer response is covered by a conversation tree, which tells the chatbot what to say in response. Here is a simple conversation tree:

Naturally, yours will be tailored to your business and the questions you want your bot to ask your customers.

What is marketing with chatbots?

A chatbot is used as part of a marketing technique called chatbot marketing to promote a business. When Facebook made it possible to integrate bots into its Messenger feature, this tactic gained popularity.

Previously, a large number of Facebook page messengers remained inactive. Customers occasionally submit questions or complaints, and it’s even rarer that companies actually respond to them.

With a chatbot marketing plan, your customer service requests won’t go unanswered, and many of them can even help you generate leads and sales.

How can chatbots be used in marketing?

Using a chatbot marketing approach in your digital marketing can be done in a number of ways. Bots can be extremely useful for automating routine tasks, responding to frequent consumer requests, and even closing deals.

We will find out more.

Customer service chat bots

A bot can be a great help if your business receives frequent customer service requests via Facebook Messenger (or if you want to start using Facebook Messenger as a customer service channel). You can develop a chatbot that guides users to the right contact information or solution by helping them categorize their customer service challenges.

Bots for sales chatbot

Users can be guided to your sales funnel using a chatbot. It can be a great starting point for a customer’s journey, whether you’re using it to schedule appointments for consultations or to collect emails for your newsletter.

Adding an easy way for customers to start communicating online can be helpful because many customers don’t want to pick up the phone and call.

Frequently asked questions about chatbots

Allow your chatbot to receive common questions from current or future customers. You can provide information to your audience in a more interactive way by programming a bot with appropriate question and answer alternatives.

Customers can enjoy interacting with your chatbots, which will increase the likelihood that they will choose your business over a competitor.

Shopping chatbots

Using Facebook Messenger chatbots will even allow your business to offer in-app purchases. Customers can browse products and even make purchases within the chatbot with a little customization.

Chatbots for marketing

A chatbot can be used for a wide variety of marketing strategies, of course. It can be used as a lead nurturing tool.

Once someone voluntarily contacts your chatbot, you can keep them engaged by sending them informative and helpful messages with the goal of encouraging them to make a purchase or sign up for services.

Because it’s a more direct type of one-to-one connection, it can be a powerful tool in your digital marketing arsenal (even more powerful than email marketing).

What not to do when it comes to marketing with chatbots

It is essential to note that there are still many things not to do when it comes to chatbot marketing. Even if it’s a solid and successful plan, your marketing team or agency will still need to work hard.

For starters, don’t let your bots take over your marketing.

A human element is necessary for a strategy to be effective. Therefore, although automation has many advantages, it cannot be the only means of communication. It is essential to note that chatbot marketing is not a “set it and forget it” plan.

Whether you’re asking your chatbots to initiate the conversation that leads to a person, or you’re asking your staff to periodically check that the bots are performing their roles effectively.

Second, if you’re using your chatbot as a marketing or nurturing tool, you shouldn’t overdo it. Never forget that the ability to communicate directly with customers is a great tool.

Therefore, you should not abuse this power. Everyone will unsubscribe if you bombard your audience with messages. They don’t want to see spam from your business in their Facebook Messenger inbox.

A popular and highly effective digital marketing tactic is chatbot marketing. It requires a bit of setup, especially if you use conversation trees and third-party tools to program your chatbot, but if you use this method correctly, the time and money invested is well worth it.

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