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How to save on your purchases?

In 2021, according to TakeThecapital, the average monthly basket of a French household was between 213 and 558 euros for food expenses. The budget allocated to buying food is usually the highest after the one dedicated to accommodation, so I will share with you my best tips and tricks to save on your groceries.

Buy fruits and vegetables at the markets

For simplicity and lack of time, you prefer to buy fruit and vegetables at the supermarket, but what you may not know is that markets are generally cheaper. To save more fruits and vegetables, I advise you to favor seasonal fruits and vegetables, not only are they better for your health and the environment because they do not come from far away, but they are much cheaper. In fact, buying certain fruits or vegetables out of season will be very expensive. Also, the advantage of buying from the market is that you can sometimes negotiate a bit on prices as well as reclaim unsold items. In fact, some grocery stores may give away unsold items at the end of the day.

To find out which fruits and vegetables are in season, go to the Greenpeace website, just click on the month you’re interested in and you’ll see the list of fruits and vegetables in season.

And what happens with fruits and vegetables, also fish and seafood, there is also a seasonality for fish and seafood.

Hard discounts

Have you ever tried hard discounts? Sure, if I say Netto, Lidl, Aldi…does that mean anything to you?
A hard-discount is a store that is characterized by selling prices below the average, I advise you to buy condiments and household products, but as far as meat or fruit and vegetables are concerned, you prefer markets or supermarkets to keep a certain quality

I also advise you to go for a walk through the clearance stores near your home. You can find products from supermarkets whose expiry date is very close. If you don’t have ambitions to replenish your stock of canned goods for the next 6 months, going through clearance stores for your weekly shopping is a good compromise, it’s worth it!

Promotions: Freeze your food

During promotions, feel free to buy in bulk! Just freeze what you won’t use during the week and reuse it a few weeks later. You can also freeze products that are about to expire or left over, this will save you money and avoid waste!

Online shopping

Online shopping is becoming more and more common and has many advantages: picking up your purchases quickly after work, without having to queue at the checkout, is a time saver but also a way to save money. In fact, this method makes it easier to see the progress of your basket, the price of each item and more easily compare the quantity/price ratio of different brands. This way it is easier to control your budget, and you buy only what you need, you are not tempted by other items like when you go through all the departments. Plus, shopping online allows you to use cash back. Cashback, if you don’t know it, is a way to get money back on your online purchases, I wrote an article about it that will surely interest you.

Mobile applications for promotions

Here are my top apps to save money on your shopping:

  • Too good to go : This is a mobile app that puts you in touch with nearby restaurants, bakeries or supermarkets to pick up a surprise basket at a discounted price. Merchants aim through this application to minimize their unsold items in order to avoid waste and this allows you to recover a shopping basket or a meal for €3 or €4, you can save €10 or even €15 in each basket Let’s talk about a “surprise” basket since you don’t know the contents of your basket in advance, it depends on what you have left, you can find a super basket, like the one that suits you less, luckily, but it’s definitely worth it the pity
  • Shopmium : is an application that fully or partially refunds certain items, online or directly at your supermarket. Just go to the app, list the products the app offers returns on, buy them, and then scan the item’s barcode as well as the receipt. Submit this to the app and receive a refund transfer within 2 days.
  • Network voucher: is a site that offers lots of discount coupons that you have to print and present when you go to checkout. In addition, Coupon Network also offers a refund service like Shopmium, accumulating promotions and refunds is not insignificant!

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