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How to save money when buying a car?

Buying a new car is no small feat. The criteria are numerous: quality, comfort, reliability, aesthetics, etc. and all at the lowest price. Today there are simplified and economical alternative solutions to car buying: car rental. In fact, as in many other sectors, the trend is towards renting, and renting is no exception to the rule. This new form of financing offers the possibility of renting the vehicle adapted to your needs, daily or on a one-off basis, without having to pay an astronomical amount when it is made available. So, with or without an agent, rent with option to buy or long term? Let’s find out without further ado what it consists of.

What is the role of a car agent?

Finding the ideal car is not that simple, and fortunately, car agents are there to help you in this process. The agent acts as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer. He is a specialist in the purchase of new and/or used cars, who ensures the connection between the two parties and who provides a commercial opinion to his client. It acts on behalf of the person, looking for a car that meets the requested criteria. Therefore, it is the agent who will help you find, for example, a rented Citroen car.

It is also the agent who is in charge of the negotiation of rates, and of certain administrative procedures. During the whole process, it is therefore of invaluable help to find the best offers, negotiate terms and prices, draw up the mutually agreed contract, etc. Research and transaction are made much easier when an agent is in the loop.

Leasing, how does it work?

This is an increasingly popular solution for motorists who want to finance a car without becoming its owner. This practice is on the rise, and for good reason, there are many benefits.

The rental is based on a new or used car rental system, for a period determined in a rental contract. Each month, the lessee pays a rental fee to the owner of the car, the contract can last up to 5 years. There are two types of rent:

  • Lease with option to purchase (LOA);
  • Long term rental (LLD).

Rent with an option to buy, also known as leasing, is a formula that consists of renting a car for a period determined in the contract, by paying the monthly rent to the owner. At the end of the contract, the lessee has the option of renewing the rental contract or buying the car. In the second case, the purchase of the car is made at the fixed price agreed in the initial contract.

Long-term rental offers the same conditions, except that at the end of the contract, the rental company cannot buy the car.

Very popular, car rental allows you to benefit from a vehicle adapted to your needs, while taking care of your wallet. The automotive market is changing rapidly and is now full of new economical solutions that will delight more than one.

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