How To Save Money Buying Your Furniture?

Every French household spends an average of 215 euros a year on furniture (IPEA figures, 2022 (1). While it is true that furniture in France lasts longer than in other European countries, this budget is far from insignificant. solutions to reduce your spending on furniture.

Buy your furniture online

Ecommerce sites that sell furniture are generally less expensive than physical retailers. They may be allowed to apply low prices because the nature of their business includes the elimination or considerable reduction of certain expenses (cost of commercial premises, electricity, etc.).

The reduction in prices observed on online furniture sales websites is manifested, among other things, by the deployment of discount codes. At ID Market, for example, an e-commerce site that offers chairs, coffee tables, garden furniture, and other essentials for your home and garden, the IDMarket discount code allows you to get a 5% discount on your your first order.

The excellent value for money guaranteed by places like ID Market, as well as the ability to offer everyone a product tailored to their needs, attracts more and more people. According to the IPEA report published in March 2022, the market share of e-commerce furniture sites grew by 13.5% between 2019 and 2021. These figures are proof that you can buy furniture with confidence. in e-commerce sites.

Buy directly from a French manufacturer

As Jean-Charles VOGLEY points out in his book French furniture: 850 years of history, launched in 2014, French furniture manufacturers have been able to modernize their production methods according to new market demands. This is how they design durable and durable furniture, which prevents you from having to spend regularly replacing one piece of furniture or another. By buying your furniture directly from a manufacturer based in France, you save money in the long run. By the way, this option sometimes gives you the opportunity to visit the manufacturer’s workshop or customize your furniture.

Participate in auctions organized by public services

Several French administrations organize public auctions through which furniture can be purchased at low cost. These sales are generally aimed at the liquidation of goods belonging to the State but which are not / are no longer useful to him (furniture formerly operated by a service, property of a natural or legal person against whom a court proceedings, etc.).

After deposits or embargoes, the French customs or the national management of state interventions therefore sell movable and immovable property at prices below real market prices. The French government’s website (2) states that these sales are open to individuals and are made at town halls, prefectures or online.

Auctions organized by government departments allow for significant savings, especially when buying antique or luxury furniture.

Watch out for stockpiling

To renew their furniture stock, furniture retail chains frequently stock up. This operation consists of a company significantly reducing its prices in order to settle an existence considered obsolete. Discounts applied to furniture prices during untocking sometimes reach -75%. In order to be informed of the launch of such an operation, pay attention to the promotional posters hanging on the façade of the furniture stores in your area. As for the brands on the Internet, subscribe to their newsletters in order to receive their news regularly.


There are many ways to save on your furniture expenses. Aside from the tips presented above, you can also take advantage of garage sales or mini-fairs organized by charities to buy furniture at discounted prices. When you have family members who are moving or renovating their home, check to see if they have any furniture that they would like to get rid of. Either way, to make sure you save on your furniture purchases, clearly identify your needs and set a budget. Also, check several offers before deciding on one or the other.

(1) | IPEA – Institute for Prospective and Furniture Studies

(2) | Public auctions organized by the state services

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