How to save gas?

Adding the costs of buying the vehicle, insurance, maintenance as well as gasoline, driving a car can be a significant cost.

Rising fuel prices will not ease your portfolio, since the coronavirus crisis the price of a barrel of Brent has risen by more than 63%. In addition, fixing the oil barrel in dollars, the loss of value of the euro against the dollar also increases its price.

Finally, you know that the war in Ukraine does not make things easier, for fear of a embargo on Russian oil products, buyers are now sourcing from the markets of North America and the Middle East, which led to a fall in the prices of Russian products and favored an increase in other markets.

In the face of this bad news, I will give you my best tips for saving gas and making good savings.

My tips:

Most of my advice is based on the behavior of ecological driving, what better way than to combine economy and good deeds for our beloved planet? If you haven’t heard of it before, here are the main habits to adopt:

  • Drive slower: in fact, you’ll be surprised to learn that driving at 100 km / h instead of 120 km / h saves 20% on petrol. You can use cruise control and speed limiter to help you meet these limits without worrying!
  • Air conditioning limitation: its consumption increases by an additional 0.4 liters per 100 km on the road / motorway and by 2 liters per 100 km in the city for newer vehicles.
  • Switch off the engine when stopped: Over the course of a year, turning off the engine when it is stopped saves between 5 and 10% fuel.
  • Properly inflate the tires : Regularly checking tire pressure helps prevent insufficient inflation that leads to excessive fuel consumption
  • Vehicle Lightening: Being overweight increases fuel consumption, in fact, on average 10 kg of load is equivalent to 1% of additional consumption.

Apps to help you save

Here are some of my handy tips that few people use: apps.

I recommend that you use one of these three apps available on Android and iOS every day, which will allow you to find the cheapest stations near you to fill at the best price:

That’s it, with all these tips you are already a professional eco-driving driver.

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