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How to remove blood stains: products to remove blood

We haven’t been so full of The Walking Dead or we’ve felt our hand imitating Tarantino’s films, don’t worry, we’re still pacifists, but it’s Halloween! Here we tell you how to remove blood stains. It is certain that more than one piece of clothing is sprinkled with remnants of “terrifying” products that are usually used for the occasion.

In this party, blood is one of the elements most used in costumes, and the more blood, the better. It means that the work has been good, at the height of American Psycho, which was not said. Since we get along well.

We are more blood on white, for which it stands out more and where it looks good on the toilet paper, like those that are inscribed on those who dress up as mummies. The more turns you put on the roll of paper, the better the disguise is. So you’ll need industrial toilet paper to ensure that your costume doesn’t fall into half.

Our recommendation is the Bundle of 108 rolls of toilet paper.

Buy industrial toilet paper

In addition to professional quality, it ensures a good consistency thanks to its double layer. Ideal to make the costume look perfect and last the whole party.

By the way, this mummy character loved to raise a lot of dust, something that also looks great in Halloween decorations: cobwebs and a touch of dust, like the Addams Family house because you know. that the dead do not clean. They are not going to put, for one day of the year in which they relive, to clean, it is not theirs.

Although all this dark, the decoration will have to be cleaned afterwards… and for him, the best thing is to use it microfiber cloths and a multipurpose cleaner with bioalcohol that cleans and disinfects at the same time.

Buy multipurpose cleaner with bioalcohol

How to remove blood stains

However, blood is one of the most used accessories in horror costumes. Surely, if you weren’t skilled in the matter of costumes, you might have missed some blood clothing and wondered how you can clean the blood from your clothes without getting lost.

Well, it’s much easier than you think: Ammonia cleaner. This magical product, in addition to serving as a disinfectant, removes stains from any textile (carpets, curtains, pads, sofas, etc.) and deodorizes.ammonia cleaner

Use a little ammonia cleaner on the area of ​​the bloodstain, then rub to remove the excess, and finally wash the clothes as you normally would. And ready, removing blood stains from clothes has never been so easy.

Go out, get dirty and have fun at this celebration because nothing happens. Here’s what you need to clean up the mess of the dead. .


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