How to put your whiskey distillery on the map

Small distilleries need to be creative to put their name on the map and to mark. Diversifying and expanding your operations can help you with your results and at the same time can help support every branch of your business. Going from being a supplier only to a restaurant or bar, for example, can lead more people to taste your whiskey directly.

It can be difficult to be a smaller new distillery, but with these tips, you can get to know your name better and put your business on the map:

Open your distillery

Take a whiskey tour or even consider opening a whiskey bar or restaurant on site. This can take people directly to your distillery and can help your business see some of those tourist dollars. The ultimate goal of opening your distillery is to get more customers and increase orders across the country. Depending on how your distillery looks, this new avenue could become a great money generator for your business.

You will need to renovate a dedicated space and incorporate a team of mixologists and waiters in order to overcome it. Even if you only offer a visit and a whiskey tasting, you will want your team to be trained and look stylish with the uniforms at

Start with one project at a time. You can start with a tour, then open a bar, then a restaurant, and even get into the event business and organize weddings, birthdays, and work events alike.

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Participate in Contests

Contests bring awareness, and if you win, they bring prestige. Keep doing workshops and develop your whiskey range and take part in competitions as they come out. Not only is this a great way to get the recognition your distillery needs, but it can also be used as a way to control the quality of your products. If you manage to develop an award-winning blend, you have an exceptional product and a fantastic way to market it.

Attend events and conferences

Don’t just sell to individuals. You want your product on the shelves of restaurants, hotels and other companies in the hospitality industry. To do this, a good way to get your brand out there is to go to events and conferences where companies are the focus. You can do business partnerships and make large sales volumes in the event and hospitality industries.

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Offer multiple product options

There are many great ways to sell your products, depending on the rules and regulations of your country or state. For example, you can offer a whiskey subscription as a gift option that offers a different gift size whiskey each month. You can have a tasting product that includes all your products in one package. You can even create cocktail kits that provide everything a customer needs to create classic signature drinks.

Aside from drinking in person, one of the most common reasons people buy whiskey is a gift. By offering multiple different gift options, you can make your distillery the perfect destination for those looking for something fun for their whiskey loved ones.

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