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How to prepare new piqueos with baked cookies for a dip or a reunion | Recipes | nnda | nnnn | RECIPES

Whether it’s for a weekend at the beach, to enjoy with friends around the table, in a conversation with a glass of wine or even for a light dinner, baked cookies are a great alternative to create piqueos or dipar haciendo fly our imagination to realize novelties recipes.

With a lot of flavor and strong, they can be used as a base to create a tapa or put several on it coversso you won’t always need to look for crackers or toast that are usually smaller.

Although the traditional is enjoyed with cream or water, it is not the only one and chef Ignacio Barrios, founder of Urban Kitchen, we have found new options that you can prepare at home or on the beach together with Sanissimo baked cookies , Salmas’ umbrella brand.

How to innovate when making your piqueos with baked cookies

These baked cookies with toppings work great as picoteo beacho, picoteo at a meeting, to accompany a cheese board at the table or prepare for a romantic evening with your partner.

“Las Salmas are ideal for putting together a table with cheeses or fruits. They go very well with figs. As an accompaniment they are perfect thanks to their texture and flavor instead of using a traditional toast”explains Ignacio Barrios who shares these recipes.

A pike option is to use it to create a kind of cover with salmon tartare or any fish such as tuna, trout or some whitefish. “Just add olive oil, salt, pepper and you’re done. We also make a vinaigrette of ají amarillo, a bit of lemon, fresh arugula on top and a bed of avocado, it’s like a tartare dish but transformed into a piquet”.

The second idea is “use goat’s cream cheese with walnuts, sprouts and caramelized onions. To go on the more natural and unprocessed side, we don’t add azure to the onion but we leave it on a slow fire with olive oil and it loses water, it evaporates and the natural sugar in the food ends up giving it sweetness”.

A third option is to make an avocado toast “instead of toast, use Salma and an avocado puree like guacamole with olive oil, salt, cherry tomatoes and radish pickles to give it a different and vibrant touch that returns to your mouth.”

Baked chips can also be enjoyed with hummus and various accompaniments.  (Photo: Sanissimo)
Baked chips can also be enjoyed with hummus and various accompaniments. (Photo: Sanissimo)

Ignacio Barrios also highlighted the Mini Salmitas, ideal for dipping, and which are also a gluten-free product, vegan and without artificial preservatives. “We can make a very healthy option with Greek yogurt with sesame tahini, a lemon wedge and salt, super fresh for the summer and you put them in the refri and dipeas. Another idea is with cream cheese with pure basil pesto, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, Parmesan cheese, dried fruits, salt, pepper and mix.

For the launch of the new carrot and sweet potato flavor (with only 64 calories per serving), which can be seen in Clásicas, Maíz Morado and Granos & Semillas presentations, the chef also used the more classic option of using a layer of cream with jam. of fruit, ají or rocoto, as well as putting chopped figs on blue cheese or dates, raisins, orejones, guindones.

Sanissimo presented a renewed image of its baked cookies. Through its “Salmas Sin Igual” campaign, it is betting on a new logo and typography that seeks to promote a simple, natural and modern life. “This expansion to our portfolio reaffirms our commitment to offer healthy products that promote a balanced diet. We seek to be present in the different occasions of consumption where Salmas is the perfect complement to dipping”explained Alex Torres, Marketing Manager Snacks & Seasonals at Grupo Bimbo.

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