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Doing physical activity, exercise or sport, became a good alternative to take care of health, maintain a good physical condition or have a healthy lifestyle, whatever the motivation it is important that it is carried out with responsibility and commitment, already that doing it excessively or incorrectly can have negative and harmful effects on health.

Since in every habit there are advantages and disadvantages and sport is no exception, even if positive results are always talked about, it does not mean that there are no harmful risks when it is practiced.

Differences between physical activity, exercise and sport

Regularly what anyone does is physical activity, which is any body movement where muscle contraction and energy expenditure is greater than at rest, for example climbing stairs, walking, walking your pet or even performing work activities in areas such as metal · mechanics, construction, toilet, among others.

On the other hand, the exercise it is planned, structured and repetitive, its main objective is to promote health by improving physical condition.

The sport it is a discipline that requires a much more demanding prior preparation, they have the notion of competition, and must be done under the conditions established by the regulations that apply to each one, for example: swimming, athletics, football, etc.

For this reason, doctors recommend that in matters of health, it is better to do physical activity or exercise than sport, because this requires more demand.

When does sport become a harmful factor for health?

It can be harmful if practiced inappropriately and sporadically, since to do so the body needs to be physically conditioned for regular, high-impact exercise. This is important to avoid the possibility of injury, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal problems.

Some factors within the sport that can be harmful

If you do not have a physical and mental fitness of the body, it is more likely that problems will arise when playing sports such as muscle sprains, ligament injuries or tears, or more serious things like heart attacks or sudden death.

Other problems that arise from bad practice in sport and you need to pay attention to them and try to prevent them, can be:

  • A bad execution: often people complain of not seeing results when playing sports or suffering from injuries or cramps, this can be attributed to poor execution, the key is to learn and remember to do the exercises or sport correctly.

  • Skip steps: skipping the warm-up can cause injuries, not hydrating causes cramps or decompensation, not having a good diet weakens the body, and not resting generates muscle wear, these factors influence how the body adapts to sport, so don’t skip things that compromise your health.

  • Wear: avoid abusing the times, the consistency and the rules of the sport, this can deteriorate the muscles or their state of health, injuries can arise as a result of the constant use of a muscle or joint.

  • Excessive practice: Excessive physical activity can cause injury, muscle and mental wear and tear, fatigue, heart and respiratory problems, among others.

When there are excesses in sport is when it becomes harmful, it can be compared to a medicine where an appropriate dose is prescribed to avoid adversity.

How to prepare the body for sport without it being harmful?

When making the decision to play a sport, keep in mind:

  • Consult your doctor to review your physical and health status.

  • Make exercise plans or routines that are right for your body.

  • Do physical conditioning gradually.

  • Increase the loads and strengthen your body progressively.

It is important that when you start a sport it is seen as something recreational, because there are certain sports that due to factors such as age when doing them you can suffer injuries.

Some precautions to bear in mind when practicing sport

The basis for avoiding any problem is to have appropriate habits such as:

  • Sleep well, it is recommended to sleep around 7 hours a day.

  • Hydrate before, during and after any exercise or sport.

  • Have a healthy and balanced diet that compensates for caloric expenditure.

  • Avoid exaggerating the loads that the body can withstand.

  • Listen to your body, when you have any pain or deficiency it is because something is happening.

  • Rest, this helps the body and heart to recover.

  • See your doctor when necessary.

It is essential to know what the goal is to reach when performing any physical activity, and to know how to do it. It is also necessary to keep in mind that depending on age, sex, physical condition, whether or not you have underlying diseases, the regular practice of a sport or other activity could be recommended or not, the most important thing is to maintain – be active

This article had the advice of Dr. Juan Manuel Sarmiento, doctor and specialist in sports medicine and coordinator from the Cardiac Rehabilitation Center of the Shaio Clinic.

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