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How to organize team building activities?

The concept of team building is a strategy that appeared at the beginning of the 80s. Its objective is to strengthen the bonds between the employees of a company or institution.

Therefore, team building refers to the process of transforming a group of employees into a cohesive and motivated team.

This type of teamwork is normal and can be enhanced when the group takes the time to create a set of established standards for the team. These rules help members understand how to interact appropriately within the team and with other members of the organization.

Why is team building important?

It doesn’t matter if the team building event is designed for a specific business unit or for employees from all business lines or working directly with collaborators, the goal is the same: to reach the maximum number of participants!

If you think “team shape” for your business entertainment, add the look of a character and meaning to the event.

It is not only about creating a pleasant moment within your team and your collaborators, but you will also be able to convey messages and values! This is what we call combining the useful and the pleasant.

Where a classic corporate video will only bring together people close to you before the event, team building will break down the divides to enable true collaboration.

However, team building benefits from a bottom-up approach that aims to direct participants toward the same goal. This is something that a traditional business animation cannot provide.

Organize Team Building activities

Make sure participants are involved in organizing team building activities.

Select the number of employees depending on the goals to be achieved and the circumstances being addressed: departmental field teams, field teams or sales teams, project teams, or all employees.

Each team member plays an active role and has an important role to play in the scenario or project. He will be part of the team building process, in this sense, and because his capabilities are essential.

Consider the selection of participants taking into account the role each plays in the team.

Don’t forget to include newcomers.

Choose the date: avoid Wednesdays and weekends, everyone should be able to participate and be able to protect their privacy.

If you are looking to achieve a strategic goal, you may choose to use external consultants (psychologist or business coach, etc.) to oversee the debriefing.

Corporate team building: a precious moment for employees

The corporate team building program is often presented as a respite at work. It can also be a reward for employees. Is true ! These events often take place in unusual, pleasant or even luxurious locations, offering different activities for employees.

Team building is an oasis of fresh air all year round. Therefore, a unique and well-constructed corporate meeting is a moment of relaxation. However, it can also be beneficial and sometimes even essential!

It is also a beautiful time for managers and executives. This is an opportunity to expose certain aspects that motivate the team or the company. There may be conflicts that arise or, conversely, problems that can be resolved in a different context.

It also reflects the behavior and attitude of the whole group, which can be very useful to observe and evaluate.

What and who to plan the team building exercise?

Need to handle team issues? Invite a new employee? Increase the efficiency of your business? Team building is a powerful performance booster for your employees and your business.

In fact, it’s about presenting your colleagues with a shared activity, whether cultural, artistic or sporting. The goal is to overcome the challenge through cooperation and create interactions within your group.

In addition, the positive effects are immediate: general happiness and release of energy, communication, emergence of talents… but also visible in the long term: fewer absences and resignations, increased motivation, knowledge and confidence. Also, better cohesion within a team can lead to more creative ideas!

To create a productive team building exercise, consider hosting it outside of your regular workplace. This will allow you to break the monotony, be more open and participate on a neutral platform to trigger group dynamics. Remember that the choice you make for the activity says a lot about your company’s values.

Team building activities are a great way to improve team morale and encourage team members to work together more effectively. However, organizing team building activities can be challenging.

Here are five tips to get you started:

  1. Define the objective of the team building activity. What do you hope to achieve? Do you want to improve communication skills, problem solving or something else?
  2. Choose an activity that suits your team. Not everyone enjoys the same type of activity, so it’s important to choose an activity that appeals to as many team members as possible.
  3. Set a budget for the team building activity. How much can you afford to spend? Keep in mind that team building activities don’t have to be expensive; sometimes the simplest activities can be the most effective.
  4. Make sure your team building activity is safe. Consider the fitness level of your team members and choose an activity accordingly.
  5. Ask your team for feedback after the activity. Ask them what they thought of the activity and what they got out of it. Use this feedback to improve future team building activities.
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