How to market your new restaurant

Opening a restaurant is one of the oldest and most stable business ventures that can be done. Everyone is looking for new food, everyone is looking for good food, and not everyone can get it at home.

But the picture of a successful business is very different today than it was even half a decade ago. People have different eating habits outside, influenced by new external behaviors, and of course, Covid managed to change the industry forever.

Also, the online space is very different from what it was before. You will need to combine new techniques to open a restaurant and social media marketing to achieve great success for your new business. Keep reading to find out how.

It offers something unique

It’s the oldest idea because it’s the best, and it’s more important than ever to offer your customers something they can talk about. They no longer go out for a good meal. They can make a good meal at home. And with a record of introversion that makes people prefer to stay home, you really need to give people a reason to go beyond food.

So look at what you can think of. It can be as simple as a style of decoration that is not commonly seen, or it could serve as a gap in the market. Create your own based on a gap in the market, like Dans Le Noir, which offers a black premise and surprise meals. In the end you are looking for a point of conversation. Some ideas went too far, such as the tendency to offer food on anything but a plate. Food lovers won’t want to eat their burger with a shovel, but at least they’ve hit the nail on the head by making a point of conversation. Just make sure it’s good to talk.

A leftover item that will surely attract customers is a takeaway service. Before it was considered a problem or a nuisance that was not worth it, takeaway services are now proven to make money. Make sure you have a connection with Deliveroo, JustEat, UberEats, etc. More people are staying there, but they still want a good meal, which they are still showing their friends on social media, we might add. Find out how to untangle all food delivery logistics with this handy guide.

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Aim for your sustainability

A great “trick,” if you want to call it that, is food that is conscious. People want to know that you can cater to everyone, so try to offer food for allergy sufferers, for all dietary options like veganism and vegetarianism, beyond serving mac and cheese, and try to offer sustainable foods. . Look at organic food and ethical farming and make sure you let everyone know what you do.

Social media users are not only much more aware of the problems of today’s world and are trying to avoid more, but they are looking for who to buy and who they support, so make sure your social media accounts show your degree of relevance. problems and how you intend to solve them.

Give your staff an extra skill.

All of the above, however, has been well received by the hospitality industry. At the opening of the confinement, you may have noticed that many restaurants are arranging their outdoor venues to appeal to the likes of Instagram users. We know that we have seen many false cherry blossoms in a city where the weather is not right for that.

However, something that is not so common and that will really make you stand out is an extra skill to your staff. Today, users want to know the team and want to know that the team is well cared for, so you can train your staff to learn a skill that can be displayed, such as cocktail mixing, knife skills, etc. .

Go crazy with him. There is a restaurant in Australia called Karen’s Diner where the staff is (humorously) rude to all the customers, in a protest of the new era against the idea that the customer is always right.

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Take advantage of micro-influencers

TikTok and Facebook don’t have much in common, but they do have one thing: communities. People are finding their people online. At TikTok, this is because of an algorithm that presents you with what they think you’ll like, and on Facebook, you get a chance to search for “groups” of your people.

In both cases, there are leaders who are climbing to the top. They have fewer followers than traditional influencers, but the few followers they have are very dedicated. They are called micro-influencers.

That makes sense. Users can look at this leader of their smaller group and know that anything they recommend is made for them because that person is just like them. You can use this dedication to younger influencers to drive traffic to your door.

For example, sometimes the simplest groups are made up of people from a certain area. Market in groups that include the name of your city in their titles so that everyone is interested. To expand, ask food-covering micro-influencers to visit and review your restaurant. Take advantage of more niche genres, such as cocktail mixes, brunch, scran, and other food-related genres and trends, to guide anyone you think might be interested in visiting your restaurant.

Use user-generated content

You want to encourage user-generated content. User-generated content is essentially unpaid affiliate content. The restaurants lend themselves well. People visit, take pictures of their food, tag your restaurant and tell people that they are spending their time there, making a fuss in your restaurant.

We’ve already talked about the need for a niche or something unique, and that’s one of the important reasons. Even though people don’t like your food, they haven’t completely missed the night because you’ve given them a chance to take a picture. It seems shallow, but it can make up for many sins. Users will be very excited to show off something different from the restaurant, be it the food itself or the venue, or the extra items.

You can encourage more user-generated content by presenting content you like on your own page. Check your tags and occasionally include people who have left a good review on your page.

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