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How To Make Money Without Working

There are many ways to make money without working. If some go online, others offer to rent a part of your property or just have time. Here are some of the most effective ways to improve your purchasing power.

Complete paid surveys

Completing paid surveys is one of the most proven ways to get to the end of the month. You don’t need any skills, you just have time. The principle is the same for all sites: you register by filling out your profile and then you are selected to answer the questions. For each completed survey, you will be awarded points. Beyond a certain threshold, you exchange these points for a sum of money that you have paid into your bank account or for a valid gift voucher to major stores (Amazon, Decathlon, etc.).

The questions cover all subjects: consumption, politics, medicine, etc. They’re pretty basic, which allows you to answer them without having to concentrate much, for example on public transportation, or while watching TV or a movie on your tablet.

There are many sites that offer surveys. For your time to be profitable, you need to focus on the most profitable. In fact, some make you waste a lot of time before canceling your participation, because your profile is not compatible with the current survey; others offer salaries too low to be profitable.

The ABC Survey site offers a list of the highest paid survey sites to save you time.

Participate in competitions

Contest sites are sometimes the same as poll sites. They offer you to answer questions or take part in raffles, then reward you with prizes of very different values ​​and qualities. Not to be confused with betting sites: for contests, you should never be asked to place money bets.

Take the time to select the places where you play. Many of them waste time when their only goal is to get you to click on an affiliate site. On the other hand, some batches are not up to par. On the other hand, some contest sites offer really interesting gifts that are well worth the minutes you spend.

Sell ​​your books

A book, even if you don’t like it, shouldn’t be thrown away. On the other hand, all the books you didn’t like or didn’t even finish should wrap up your library. They are even an opportunity to make money.

direct sale

If you have free time on Sunday, you can spend it selling your books at garage sales. Please note that you are not sure to sell your shares quickly. You have to choose events for which the rental price of the stand is ridiculous so as not to invade your margin. You can also team up with other vendors to be more efficient.

Also contact local bookstores who can offer you a group purchase. Finally, sign in to the nearest Gibert Jeune bookstore. Just enter the barcode of your books to find out the suggested retail price (not all books are included). Then you have to leave the books in the bookstore.

Online sales

You have the online sales solution. You can place ads on specialized sites or on contact platforms such as Momox or Kiwibook. They work with the same principle of barcode intelligence.

Rent a room in your home

Any unoccupied room in your home can be rented. This trendy type of accommodation allows travelers to find accommodation almost everywhere, even in the most remote corners, at attractive prices.

The leading platform in this industry is Airbnb, but there are others. If you live near a tourist spot, in a big city where the price of hotels is inaccessible or in a place not served by hotel facilities, you will have no problem renting your room.

You can rent all or part of your accommodation. This means that you can live with your tenants, but also offer them independent accommodation. Thus, around certain tourist sites (Puy du Fou, Futuroscope in Poitiers, etc.), the owners are equipping annexes to their accommodation to dedicate them entirely to rent.

If you have space, renting a room is a very profitable operation, because it costs you nothing and the price per night is far from insignificant.

Take advantage of credit card offers

The price of bank charges is the subject of recurring dissatisfaction on the part of customers. The advent of online banking has changed the situation a bit. In the absence of physical agencies in the field, these establishments make a colossal saving that partly affects the costs of their customers.

These new banks have implemented aggressive business operations to divert customers from traditional banks. They regularly offer substantial bonuses to open a new account. Fortuneo, for example, has launched an operation to offer € 150, paid into the current account you open.

To benefit from this type of earnings, you need to follow the promotions that online banks are launching. They are not always permanent, but they are often recurring. Before you create an account, make sure that your online bank offers you a state-of-the-art service, free of charge or free of charge. Not only do you earn a bonus, but you also save up to several hundred euros a year on managing your accounts and transaction costs.

Become a mysterious buyer

Becoming a mystery shopper involves taking on the role of getting to know the merchants and testing their product and / or their reception. You’ll interview a DIY store salesperson, ask for a quote for a car and sometimes try it out, check with a bank, check the supply on a store’s shelves, spend a night in a hotel, and more.

The missions are varied as well as the salaries and some are even very interesting. You have to think of it as a game, because you become a character. According to your sponsor, you must have children or not, have more or less significant income, live in the city or in the countryside, and so on.

The advantage of becoming a mystery shopper lies in the diversity of missions and the remuneration that can be substantial.

Rent your car

If you have a vehicle that is in good condition but you don’t need it on a daily basis, you can also rent it. Places and applications specialized in car sharing: Ouicar, Getaround, Turo, etc.

The advantage of these platforms is to include all the security if there is the slightest problem with the car. In addition, some offer smart boxes that allow users to check and unlock the vehicle remotely.

Visit the platform’s website to see the conditions of each.

walking dogs

Walking with dogs is a blessing for anyone who loves animals. This is an opportunity to make money, not work and have fun. France is one of the countries with the most dogs in terms of population and many of its owners need pet caregivers.

Some dog owners call you every day because they work and want the dog to enjoy long walks. You can also offer a unique service for a sick person who is unable to go out or on holiday.

You don’t need any skills, but you have to love animals and be used to them. All you have to do is sign up for platforms like Borrow a doggie, Animaute, Petsitting, and more.

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