How To Make Money With Paid Surveys?

If you want to spend your days earning money, you can embark on a paid survey. Indeed, it is an idea that is not without interest, as long as, of course, you make the right decisions. Because sometimes, unfortunately, there are scams and you will never get a penny. So how do you find an effective paid survey that is worthwhile? What are some good habits to adopt to get to the end of the month? Today ABC money tells you all about paid online surveys!

Paid surveys

Companies need to do regular surveys before launching a product into production. The goal is, in fact, to see if customers will be there to buy your product. Therefore, companies need to do market research particularly comprehensive, and particularly for conducting surveys. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find co-op respondents so they may pay to give your opinion. These surveys are usually conducted directly online. These market studies are effective for the brand, and profitable for those involved. So why not you?

Focus on the paid survey

First of all, you should know that paid survey is a legal activity. You must give your opinion on a service or product. In return, you will receive a small fee. Usually the brand looking for very specific profiles, so you’ll have to match. Businesses often use online survey sites to find out the informed opinion of future consumers. Therefore, you will need to register on these platforms and fill out your profile carefully. You will then often be contacted directly by email to answer the questionnaires. The longer you take the survey, the more you will be paid. However, don’t expect large sums! But if you train regularly, you can get to the end of the month. It is not negligible to recover 200 euros every month, right! To succeed, follow these tips.

Online registration

The first thing to do is look for the platforms that are the most well-known and the most serious. Green Panthera, I-Say or Mon Opinion Compte are very famous platforms with which you will be able to familiarize yourself with the paid survey. You will need to complete your registration first. Once validated by team members, you will receive an email. You will then be eligible for certain surveys. You will mainly receive email alerts to let you know that you can request a specific survey. But be careful, in fact you will have to apply and therefore wait for the final result to know if your profile is accepted or not. Your profile will not always be interesting. Therefore, your profile may be eligible for some campaigns and not for others. For example, if you have a baby, then you can participate in panels formed by parents and thus give your opinion on children’s products. But if you don’t have children at home, your profile will not be preserved … You understand the principle! But to be more likely to be selected, you need to sign up for various panels and increase your chances of participating in paid surveys!

The cost of paid surveys

You can also register on a site like Univox to be rewarded for your opinion. You will need to register, complete surveys, and eventually earn rewards. If you register now, you can earn $ 2 by registering.

It’s hard to give a rank because all platforms work differently. Some give you points that you will accumulate. After a certain number of points, you can recover between 15 and 20 euros in general. Other websites, on the other hand, allow you to make money with each survey, between 0.50 cents and 3 euros per questionnaire, on average. Some surveys may be more profitable. Actually, it all depends! But if you embark on this adventure, you can round off your end of the month up to 200 euros about every month. However, don’t expect more because it’s a time-consuming activity and not a job in itself. It’s just a matter of making some extra money, which is never negligible!

As you can see, there are no small gains and paid surveys can help you get to the end of the month. This is an exercise that may seem complicated at first, but you will quickly get used to answering the questions and spend less and less time on them. If you are serious and motivated, you can easily make money. As long as, of course, you fill out your profile correctly, you respond, and you submit your request very regularly. So, are you embarking on the adventure of paid survey?

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