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How To Make Money With Online Bank Sponsorship?

Thanks to sponsorship, online banks allow their customers to receive a bonus when they recommend the bank to their relatives. Bonuses, often attractive, become even more attractive when combined. Find out how to do it.

1. Compare benchmark programs

Many online banks and neobanks offer a referral program: Boursorama Banque, Fortuneo, Hello Bank, etc. Therefore, you can start by comparing the amount of referral bonuses: in general, it is between 60 and more than 130 euros. It is also recommended to consult the sponsorship limits. Online banks impose a maximum number of referrals that can be sponsored. In Boursorama, it is possible to sponsor up to 3 people per month, and 20 people per year. On the other hand, the limits are lower at Fortuneo, Hello Bank and Orange Bank, with a maximum of 10 sponsorships per year. Finally, you can calculate the total potential profit per year by multiplying the referral limit by the bonus amount.

2. Become a client of the bank

Before you can take advantage of an online bank’s referral program, you must become a customer. The procedure is simplified, you have to go to the bank’s website and then fill in a subscription form. Various classic data are requested, such as your personal data. Note that this is when you can enter a code if you are sponsored, for example with the Boursorama sponsorship code. Then you need to choose an offer – make sure that the chosen account is indeed eligible for sponsorship (which is the case with most online banks, but you need to make sure for neobanks). You must now submit the requested supporting documents. Transmission is also made easy here, especially since you can simply take a photo of the supporting documents with your smartphone. Finally, once the account opening request has been validated, a first payment must be made, the amount of which varies depending on the bank and the offer chosen. You can then access the sponsorship from your customer area.

3. See offers and conditions

During the year, the referral bonus amount may vary. For example, although it is normally €80, it can be temporarily increased to €130. Boursorama Banque, in particular, regularly carries out this type of commercial operation, such as the Pink Week-End. Remember to check the conditions relating to the current offer, for example regarding eligible bank accounts and cards. In this case, remember to communicate all useful information to your godchild in order to ensure that you receive the bonus. More generally, note that the terms of a referral program are not fixed, and that the online bank may make changes (to the maximum number of referrals, for example), or even temporarily close the program .

4. Sponsorship in the practice of a loved one

The operation is simple, but of course it depends on the bank. In general, you just need to go to the customer area and then to the “Sponsorship” section. You can then generate a sponsor code that you send to your sponsor. This unique code, when entered by the sponsor during enrollment, allows the bank to identify you as the sponsor. Therefore, it is necessary to receive your premium. Please note that it is also possible to generate a referral link – in this case, simply click on it to open the bank account with the already filled-in referral code.

5. Accumulate sponsorships

If you participate in a patronage program at an online bank, nothing prevents you from doing the same at other establishments. The main advantage is, of course, that it allows you to increase the reward. In addition, you are not limited if you have reached the annual maximum number of sponsorships. In this case, you can simply patronize another bank. Be careful though: opening an account requires a first deposit, so you have to make as many down payments as you open accounts. It is also necessary to take into account the conditions relating to each account in order to avoid commissions. For example, you must use Boursorama’s CB Welcome or Ultim at least once a month, otherwise inactivity charges will apply.

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