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How to make money playing the lottery online for free?

Winning the lottery is the dream of many, but participating in the traditional lottery can be cumbersome and expensive, as there is a fee to participate in the draws. Fortunately, there are free online lottery sites where you can participate in daily draws for free.

The advantages of online lottery

Free online lottery sites offer many advantages for players looking to try their luck without spending any money. Here are some of the biggest benefits of free online lottery sites:

  1. Accessibility: Free online French lottery sites can be accessed from anywhere in France at any time, making them convenient for players who want to play in their spare time.
  2. Convenience: Players can play online lotteries conveniently from home on any phone or computer, without having to go to an authorized outlet.
  3. More direct contact: Free online lottery sites can bring smaller communities together around the game. There is more direct contact between players and site administrators. This allows for dialogue, and for the players’ recommendations to be considered and implemented quickly. These sites are constantly evolving thanks to this direct contact!
  4. Fair play: the sites of free online lottery They often use random number generators to select winners, which ensures fair play for all players.

The trickiest thing will probably be finding a trusted lottery site where you can actually win free gifts and money. Therefore, we have tested several sites for you and we recommend Primolotto.

Primolotto is a completely free site where you can try to win up to 10,000 euros every day and gift cards of all kinds (Zara, Amazon, Yves Rocher, Decathlon, etc.). The site also offers a raffle where you can try to win a multitude of prizes (Console, Phone, Beauty Product, Voucher, etc.) throughout the year.

Recently, Patricia, a regular Primolotto player for over 6 months, won the sum of €7,000 in a draw, and all this without paying a penny! I had previously won a €20 gift card.

The Primolotto team even visited him at his home to give him his €7,000 check and to collect his testimonial and background on Primolotto.

Patricia discovered Primolotto on Facebook, then signed up to the site to play their daily grids. This replaced for her the classic Loto for which she had to go to the bar-tobacco of her town in order to validate her grills, while paying her participations.

In Loto, he sometimes won small sums but this did not allow him to compensate for his bets.

Primolotto allowed you to stay home (hot!) and play for free:

  • 10 daily grids to try to win up to 10,000 euros,
  • 5 scratch cards to try to win 2,600 euros!
  • Use your raffle tickets won in the draws to win many gifts such as electronics or multiple gift vouchers varied throughout the year!

You too can do all this for free in a few minutes a day and try your luck to win money or gifts!

Sponsorship in Primolotto

Now it is even possible to earn money on the site in addition to the sweepstakes. In fact, you can sponsor your relatives and earn money from your kitty every time your referrals play on their grids. You will earn 20 cents for each person you sponsor and for the 1,000 grids played by your referrals, you will earn €1!

Imagine that you sponsor 100 people (who will immediately earn you €20) and that your referrals play on their grids for a little more than 3 months: you will earn €120 without any effort! As well as offering the chance to 100 people to potentially win €10,000 and many other gifts!

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