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How to get it on your own?

Becoming self-employed: how to choose your condition?

You are about to retire and work for yourself. An entrepreneurial project is very close to your heart, but you are not sure of the best legal status to adopt to make it work and prosper? Here are some tips to help you make the right decision.

Adopt EI status for independence

You could be alone in this quest for professional independence. Then you can start with it individual business situation. Neither the share capital nor the drafting of the statutes is necessary for its creation. However, your liability will be unlimited.

Therefore, you will need to file an exemption declaration for your personal property. In fact, in case of debt, you will be safe from your creditors who will try to seize the liens. Among its advantages is the absence of VAT and personal income tax.

Practice in EURL to create your company

If you are planning to have your own business, the EURL is the better legal form what suits you It is a sole proprietorship that operates as an LLC. You can contribute capital or industrial equipment to your company.

However, you can separate your business assets from your personal assets. You can also choose between corporate tax and income tax. The disadvantage is that you, the partner and the manager of the company are self-employed.

Be the sole shareholder of your company

You can also deploy as the sole shareholder of your company. You will therefore be considered for a SASU or simplified sole proprietorship. To do this, you must use the services of a professional for the definition and drafting of your statutes.

If you want to be covered by the general Social Security scheme, you must declare yourself President of your company in your articles of association. Thus, he will become an “assimilated employee”.

Be diverse to run the company

You can join with friends to set up your company or business. Therefore, you must choose SAS or simplified limited liability company as a condition. To work at SAS, you have the duty to elect a President who will be an “assimilated employee”.

The limited liability company can have a third manager who is therefore not one of the partners. The minimum share capital is 1 euro and it is the members who define it.

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