How to gain efficiency in team management?

In a company, each link is interdependent with the others. Naturally, the marketing department cannot edit their Excel strategies without a technical team that maximizes the performance of computers, for example.

In the world of proactivity and ultra-efficiency that characterize startups, the causality of each employee’s actions is certainly even stronger. Financial and human resources are, at the time of launch, inferior, which should not affect productivity. A real Chinese puzzle to solve daily for human resources.

Fortunately, there are tools that allow you to have an overview of many factors such as the precise progress of a project or the days of presence and absence of each employee: software -management-planning /

Why choose planning management software?

First, because HR issues are numerous and multiply by the number of employees. Thus, when you have 5,000 people to manage, managing casualties can be an extremely dangerous exercise and if classics like Excel have proven their worth, certain tools offered by specialized service providers are endowed with agility and greater readability.

There is a panel of relevant and above all customizable functionalities, able to adapt to the different ergonomics of the companies as well as to the sectors of activity.

In addition, these programs are not only designed for human resources, they are of quality for both managers and all employees on topics specific to them.

Equipment planning management

We quickly review the characteristic attractions of each pole.

In terms of human resources, compliance and regulations will be the main issues:

  • Compliance with internal regulations and working hours
  • Taking into account the desires and obstacles of employees to increase their satisfaction in their professional environment
  • Creation of alerts accrediting fraud in the management of planning
  • Maximized management in anticipation of hiring and training

For team managers, the key values ​​are anticipation and performance, so we’ll find:

  • Removing spreadsheets and Excel spreadsheets that do not allow grouping of staff
  • The presence of a schedule in line with the workload to be offered or even customer support
  • Relevant visibility of working time and overtime
  • A colossal saving of time in the organization, planning and management of projects and equipment
  • Payroll optimization, temporary reduction and service provider fees.

Finally, for employees, the concept of well-being has been developed:

  • A better work-life balance
  • Consideration of difficulties
  • The development of a sense of fairness in the management of provisional schedules
  • Notice deadlines have been met

New generation contracting processes

The efficiency of a team starts with hiring the right profiles in the right places.

Today, the competition does not exceed the personality of a candidate.

Indeed, the process of hiring a person who would radically adapt to a job description has lost its luster … What is being sought now is the applicant who knows how to embellish a mission with new ideas and proactivity while appropriating it.

Recent studies have shown that interpersonal skills are as essential as knowledge and know-how. This is simply because skills are learned and the experience grows with years of experience. Conversely, it is more difficult to modify a personality or character traits to bring them closer to a company policy, for example.

So from now on, don’t be surprised by the questions you receive in the interviews that will focus at least on both the personal and emotional aspect of your life and the details of your experiences and technical skills.

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