How to choose the right one for the soil?

Aspects to take into account in the correct cleaning of the floorsUsually when buying professional floor cleaners for cleaning floors, we tend to focus on some aspects, some of which are not really ideal. Sometimes we rely on it priceto have one perfume cool and durable. But let’s not pay attention to much more important ones like the cleaning capacitythe quick drythe disinfectionetc. Aspects that do not have much relation to each other.

Below we detail some components of a good floor cleaner and its importance:

Ionic surfactants and non-ionic surfactants.

Its percentage in the final product is usually between 1 and 4% and they are the key components in the floor screed. They are components that influence the medium of the surface tension in the contact surface between two phases and in summary the most common active components of any cleaner. Its nature and composition will depend on the cleaning intensity or active power of the solution, its neutral or delicate PH or its abrasive capacity. Its foaming or non-foaming capacity, etc.


between the 92 and 98% of the final product is just water. Distilled and demineralized water to prevent the decomposition of all components.


Less than 1% correspond to the coloring, which are included to differentiate between them, yellow for lemon perfume, green for pine or pink for floral aroma. Specific floor cleaners such as the marble cleaner do not usually contain dye because it could affect the natural stone.


With a concentration of less than 1%, the perfume is responsible for leaving the room smelling clean. The fragrance is merely accessory and does not put any active power in cleaning.


The action of an evaporating agent, such as bioalcohol, is necessary to facilitate rapid drying and the absence of traces when cleaning.

In Clim Professional we have a section dedicated entirely to scrubbing for all types of surfaces: parquet, granite, marble or more delicate floors.

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