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How to avoid temptation when working from home

Working from home has been a real game changer over the past few years and has completely transformed many lives, with the flexibility to roll out of bed and straight to a laptop instead of going to the office.

However, we are all aware that there can be distractions when working from home. There’s the fact that no one is controlling you, for starters, and then there’s things like TV, the Internet, and chores to do.

There’s also a more serious note, as physically going to work can keep you out of trouble, while those suffering from addiction can struggle with temptation while you’re at home. For example, it would be very easy to roll a portion at home without anyone knowing, and the temptation can be too much.

This can lead to a very bad path and relapse after weed withdrawal is not uncommon, especially when time is not filled in a more effective way.

So how do you avoid this temptation when working from home?

Maintain a routine

It can often feel like structure is thrown out the window when working from home. Especially at the beginning. However, it is important to maintain a routine and stick to it.

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This means getting up and going to bed at the same time, making sure you get dressed, and basically working and taking breaks like you would in a workplace.

This will keep you behaving professionally and reduce the risk of temptation.

Create a separate workspace

Working in a bedroom or the place where you usually relax will not separate work from home and you will often find yourself thinking about work during your downtime.

This can lead to stress, and you may turn to booze or marijuana to try to de-stress. Of course, this is what you want to avoid, so create a work space separate from your relaxation areas and leave your work “at work”. Separate workspaces help us be more focused and goal-oriented. Plus, it keeps us from being disturbed by other family members or roommates, or even your furry friend puppy. Especially when you have a pet, you probably don’t want to clean up after him when he pees or skips you at work. Putting on some raincoats puppy pads in the right place can save both you and your pup a lot of trouble.

Be proactive in identifying warning signs

Don’t ignore any risk factors; do your best to identify any warning signs that you may be slipping into old habits.

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There will be warning signs if you are close to relapse and if you start behaving in a certain way that you previously associated with addiction, it could be time to seek help or even decide to work from at home it is not. a long term solution for you.

Create a workstation that is energy efficient

You need to design your workstation in a way that helps you stay focused. Plants, flowers or photos are commonly displayed at workstations to create a calm and energetic environment. You can also improve your concentration by keeping your desk and shelves clean. You should have enough sunlight and artificial light to increase your productivity. There is also a lot of importance in the sitting position and the placement of the equipment. It’s best to think about your workflow as you implement your action.

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